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64-bit artithmetic, ASM source included.
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64-bit artithmetic, ASM source included.
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Contents of the README file

Fast 64-bit Signed Integer Arithmetic Routines

QUAD.ASM for XT and AT
QUAD3-16.ASM for 386 and higher in 16-bit mode
QUAD3-32.ASM for 386 and higher in 32-bit mode


These routines preserve only registers SI and DI (QUAD.ASM and
QUAD3-16.ASM) or ESI and EDI (QUAD3-32.ASM). If you compiler requires
that other registers are also preserved then change the source
accordingly. (For example, in the x-model of Zortech C++ EBX must also
be preserved.)

You cannot change this signed divide routine to unsigned divide simply
by ignoring the sign. If you require an unsigned divide then ask me.

Roger Moser (Compuserve 100111,762)

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