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Output of file : MNEMTEST.ASM contained in archive : PSZ80A13.ZIP
.org 0 ;z80 mnemonics test
adc a,h'00
adc a,h'ff
adc a,a
adc a,b
adc a,c
adc a,d
adc a,e
adc a,h
adc a,l
adc a,(hl)
adc a,(ix+-128)
adc a,(iy+127)
adc hl,bc
adc hl,de
adc hl,hl
adc hl,sp
add a,h'00
add a,h'ff
add a,a
add a,l
add a,(hl)
add a,(ix+-128)
add a,(iy+127)
add hl,bc
add hl,de
add hl,hl
add hl,sp
add ix,bc
add ix,de
add ix,hl
add ix,sp
add iy,bc
add iy,de
add iy,hl
add iy,sp
and h'00
and h'ff
and a
and l
and (hl)
and (ix+-128)
and (iy+127)
bit 0,a
bit 0,l
bit 0,(hl)
bit 0,(ix+-128)
bit 0,(iy+127)
bit 7,a
bit 7,l
bit 7,(hl)
bit 7,(ix+-128)
bit 7,(iy+127)
call h'00
call h'ff
call longtest
call nz,h'00
call z,h'ff
call nc,longtest
call c,longtest
call po,h'00
call pe,1000
call p,128
call m,0
cp h'00
cp h'ff
cp a
cp l
cp (hl)
cp (ix+-128)
cp (iy+127)
dec a
dec l
dec (hl)
dec (ix+-128)
dec (iy+127)
dec bc
dec de
dec hl
dec sp
dec ix
dec iy
djnz rtest
ex af,af'
ex de,hl
ex (sp),hl
ex (sp),ix
ex (sp),iy
im 0
im 1
im 2
in a,(h'00)
in a,(h'ff)
inc a
inc l
inc (hl)
inc (ix+-128)
inc (iy+127)
inc bc
inc de
inc hl
inc sp
inc ix
inc iy
in a,(c)
in c,(c)
in l,(c)
jp h'00
jp h'ff
jp longtest
jp nz,h'00
jp z,h'ff
jp nc,longtest
jp c,longtest
jp po,h'00
jp pe,1000
jp p,128
jp m,0
jp (hl)
jp (ix)
jp (iy)
jr c,rtest
rtest: jr rtest
djnz rtest
jr nc,rtest
jr nz,rtest
jr z,rtest
ld a,i
ld a,r
ld a,(longtest)
ld a,(h'00)
ld a,(h'ff)
ld a,(hl)
ld a,(bc)
ld a,(de)
ld a,l
ld l,a
ld l,h
ld hl,(h'00)
ld hl,(longtest)
ld bc,(h'00)
ld de,(longtest)
ld sp,(h'ff)
ld ix,(h'00)
ld iy,(h'ff)
ld ix,(longtest)
ld i,a
ld r,a
ld a,h'00
ld l,h'ff
ld bc,h'00
ld de,h'ff
ld sp,h'ff
ld hl,longtest
ld hl,1000
ld ix,1000
ld iy,longtest
ld a,(hl)
ld l,(hl)
ld a,(ix+127)
ld l,(iy+-128)
ld sp,hl
ld sp,ix
ld sp,iy
ld (1000),a
ld (longtest),a
ld (1000),hl
ld (longtest),hl
ld (1000),bc
ld (longtest),bc
ld (1000),de
ld (longtest),de
ld (1000),sp
ld (longtest),sp
ld (1000),ix
ld (longtest),iy
ld (hl),h'00
ld (hl),h'ff
ld (ix+127),h'00
ld (ix+-128),h'ff
ld (hl),a
ld (hl),l
ld (ix+127),a
ld (iy+-128),l
ld (bc),a
ld (de),a
ld (hl),a
or h'00
or h'ff
or a
or l
or (hl)
or (ix+-128)
or (iy+127)
out (c),a
out (c),l
out (h'00),a
out (h'ff),a
pop bc
pop de
pop hl
pop af
pop ix
pop iy
push bc
push de
push hl
push af
push ix
push iy
res 0,a
res 0,l
res 0,(hl)
res 0,(ix+-128)
res 0,(iy+127)
res 7,a
res 7,l
res 7,(hl)
res 7,(ix+-128)
res 7,(iy+127)
ret nz
ret z
ret nc
ret c
ret po
ret pe
ret p
ret m
rl a
rl l
rl (hl)
rl (ix+-128)
rl (iy+127)
rlc a
rlc l
rlc (hl)
rlc (ix+-128)
rlc (iy+127)
rr a
rr l
rr (hl)
rr (ix+-128)
rr (iy+127)
rrc a
rrc l
rrc (hl)
rrc (ix+-128)
rrc (iy+127)
rst h'00
rst h'20
rst h'38
sbc a,h'00
sbc a,h'ff
sbc a,a
sbc a,l
sbc a,(hl)
sbc a,(ix+-128)
sbc a,(iy+127)
sbc hl,bc
sbc hl,de
sbc hl,hl
sbc hl,sp
set 0,a
set 0,l
set 0,(hl)
set 0,(ix+-128)
set 0,(iy+127)
set 7,a
set 7,l
set 7,(hl)
set 7,(ix+-128)
set 7,(iy+127)
sla a
sla l
sla (hl)
sla (ix+-128)
sla (iy+127)
sra a
sra l
sra (hl)
sra (ix+-128)
sra (iy+127)
srl a
srl l
srl (hl)
srl (ix+-128)
srl (iy+127)
sub h'00
sub h'ff
sub a
sub l
sub (hl)
sub (ix+-128)
sub (iy+127)
xor h'00
xor h'ff
xor a
xor l
xor (hl)
xor (ix+-128)
xor (iy+127)

adc a,forward2
adc a,forward1
adc a,(ix+forward3)
adc a,(iy+forward4)
add a,forward2
add a,forward1
add a,(ix+forward3)
add a,(iy+forward4)
and forward2
and forward1
and (ix+forward3)
and (iy+forward4)
bit bit0,a
bit bit0,l
bit bit0,(hl)
bit bit0,(ix+forward3)
bit bit0,(iy+forward4)
bit bit7,a
bit bit7,l
bit bit7,(hl)
bit bit7,(ix+forward3)
bit bit7,(iy+forward4)
call forward2
call forward1
call longtest
call nz,forward2
call z,forward1
call nc,longtest
call c,longtest
call po,forward2
call pe,1000
call p,128
call m,0
cp forward2
cp forward1
cp (ix+forward3)
cp (iy+forward4)
dec (ix+forward3)
dec (iy+forward4)
in a,(forward2)
in a,(forward1)
inc (ix+forward3)
inc (iy+forward4)
jp forward2
jp forward1
jp longtest
jp nz,forward2
jp z,forward1
jp nc,longtest
jp c,longtest
jp po,forward2
jp pe,1000
jp p,128
jp m,0
ld a,(longtest)
ld a,(forward2)
ld a,(forward1)
ld ix,(forward2)
ld iy,(forward1)
ld ix,(longtest)
ld a,forward2
ld bc,forward2
ld sp,forward1
ld hl,longtest
ld hl,1000
ld ix,1000
ld iy,longtest
ld a,(ix+forward4)
ld l,(iy+forward3)
ld (1000),a
ld (longtest),a
ld (1000),hl
ld (longtest),hl
ld (1000),bc
ld (longtest),bc
ld (1000),ix
ld (longtest),iy
ld (hl),forward2
ld (hl),forward1
ld (ix+forward4),forward2
ld (ix+forward3),forward1
ld (ix+forward4),a
ld (iy+forward3),l
or forward2
or forward1
or (ix+forward3)
or (iy+forward4)
out (forward2),a
out (forward1),a
res bit0,a
res bit0,l
res bit0,(hl)
res bit0,(ix+forward3)
res bit0,(iy+forward4)
res bit7,a
res bit7,l
res bit7,(hl)
res bit7,(ix+forward3)
res bit7,(iy+forward4)
rl (ix+forward3)
rl (iy+forward4)
rlc (ix+forward3)
rlc (iy+forward4)
rr (ix+forward3)
rr (iy+forward4)
rrc (ix+forward3)
rrc (iy+forward4)
sbc a,forward2
sbc a,forward1
sbc a,(ix+forward3)
sbc a,(iy+forward4)
set bit0,a
set bit0,l
set bit0,(hl)
set bit0,(ix+forward3)
set bit0,(iy+forward4)
set bit7,a
set bit7,l
set bit7,(hl)
set bit7,(ix+forward3)
set bit7,(iy+forward4)
sla (ix+forward3)
sla (iy+forward4)
sra (ix+forward3)
sra (iy+forward4)
srl (ix+forward3)
srl (iy+forward4)
sub forward2
sub forward1
sub (ix+forward3)
sub (iy+forward4)
xor forward2
xor forward1
xor (ix+forward3)
xor (iy+forward4)

longtest:.equ forward1,h'ff
.equ forward2,h'00
.equ forward3,-128
.equ forward4,127
.equ bit0,0
.equ bit7,7

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: