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PseudoSam 80z Assembler Manual V1.2.02
Copyright(c) 1986,87 PseudoCode


PseudoSam 80z is distributed as is, with no guarantee that it
will work correctly in all situations. In no event will the
Author be liable for any damages, including lost profits,
lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages
arising out of the use of or inability to use these
programs, even if the Author has been advised of the
possibility of such damages, or for any claim by any other

It is the users reponsibility to back up all important files!

See copyright information in appendix B

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 PseudoSam 80z assembler vs. the Zilog assembler.

Chapter 2 Running the assembler program.

Chapter 3 Assembler statement syntax.

Chapter 4 Data types.

Chapter 5 Expressions.

Chapter 6 Assembler Directives.
(also known as assembler pseudo-opcodes, or pseudo-ops)

Appendix A ASCII character set.

Appendix B Copyright and registration information.

Appendix C Description of Files.

Appendix D Bug Reporting Procedure.

Appendix E Using PseudoSam 80z on "Compatible" Systems.

Chapter 1 PseudoSam 80z assembler vs. the Zilog assembler

All PseudoSam(Pseudo brand Symbolic AsseMbler) assemblers conform to
a common syntax based on the UNIX system V assembler syntax. By
conforming to this Pseudo standard, conflicts with the manufacturers
syntax are created. Below is a brief and incomplete list of those

Zilog format PseudoSam format

equ .equ ,

set .set ,

Has Macro capability No Macro capability at this time

* The difference between the Zilog and the PseudoSam name
of an assembler directive can be circumvented by the .opdef


.opdef eject,.eject ;defines eject to be synonymous with .eject
.opdef fcc,.db ;fcc will now form constant characters as it

* A file syn.asm is distributed with the assembler with some useful

Unix system V is a trademark of AT & T.

Chapter 2 Running the assembler program

1. Command line switch setting and source file specification.

Assuming the user has an assembly language source file called foo.asm
type the following command:

a80z foo

The assembler will assemble the program foo.asm using the default
assembler switch settings. the following files will be generated
by the assembler:

foo.lst ;assembled listing shown the code conversion and
; any errors that where discover by the assembler.

foo.obj ;assembled object code in Motorola Hex format.

** for a list of switch setting see the .command assembler directive
description in chapter 6.

*** The assembler uses the following temporary file names.


ANY files with these names will be DESTROYED by the
by the assembler.

Chapter 3 Assembler statement syntax

1. Assembler Statements

Assembler statements contain from zero to 4 fields as shown in

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