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Cross assembler -> Motorola 6502.
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Cross assembler -> Motorola 6502.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Dear User:

All PseudoSam(Pseudo brand Symbolic AsseMbler) assemblers conform to
a common syntax based on the UNIX system V assembler syntax. The opcode
and addressing syntax is compatible with the manufacturers but label,
directive, and expression operator syntax will in general differ.
The Author chose this syntax because of the popularity of the
Unix system and to avoid the difficulty of maintaining compatibilty
with the multitude of OEM assemblers.

Bulletin Board Service:

Through arrangement with Oxgate BBS of York County, VA bugs can
be reported by message to Pseudo Sam. This system is normally online
24 hrs a day, seven days a week and can communicate from 300 to
2400 baud. Update information will be also be periodically

You are advised to thoroughly read the user manual, paying close
attention to the expression and directive syntax descriptions.

Although V1.2.02 does not support such useful features as Macros,
Relocatability, Include files, and Conditional Assembly you will
find PseudoSam assemblers capable tools for developing microprocessor
based systems.

Thank You for using PseudoCode products.

The Authors

P.S. V2.0.00 will include macros, include files, and conditional
assembly. Available April 1987.
V3.0.00 will include relocatability.

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