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Filename : LDIR.ASM

Output of file : LDIR.ASM contained in archive : MISC_ASM.ZIP
page 74,132
title --- ldir - list directory -

; LDIR (c) Copyright Vernon D. Buerg 1985-1991

dtantry struc ; DTA entry returned by DOS
dtarsvd db 21 dup (0) ; reserved
dtaattr db 0 ; attribute
dtatime dw 0 ; update time
dtadate dw 0 ; update date
dtasize dw 0,0 ; size bytes (lo,hi)
dtaname db 12 dup (' ') ; name and ext
db 0,13,10,255 ; stopper and print
dtantry ends

argntry struc ; Search arguments
argdriv db 0,':' ; drive
argpath db '\' ; path delimiter
argname db 64 dup (0),255 ; path,file,ext
argntry ends

tblntry struc ; Table Entries
tblattr db 0 ; attribute
tblpath db 21 dup (0) ; path name(s)
tblname db 8 dup (' ') ; file name
tbldot db ' ' ; delimiter
tblext db 3 dup (' ') ; extension
tblsize db ' 0000000 ' ; File size
tbldate db '80-01/01 ' ; Date
tbltime db ' 0:00 ' ; Time
tblfatr db 3 dup (' ') ; File attributes
tblctl db 13,10,255 ; print control chars
tblntry ends

filntry struc ; List of files in table
filsub db 0 ; -index to subdirectory name
filattr db 0 ; -file attributes
filtime dw 0 ; -time stamp
fildate dw 0 ; -date stamp
filsize dw 0,0 ; -file size
filname db 12 dup ('?') ; -asciiz file name
filstop db ? ; -asciiz stopper
filntry ends

bios segment at 40h ; dos data area
org 84h ;
ega_row label byte ; rows on screen
bios ends

save macro reglist
irp reg,
push reg ; save register

return macro reglist
irp reg,
pop reg ; restore register
ret ; return to caller

cseg segment public para 'CODE'
assume cs:cseg, ds:cseg, es:nothing
org 100h

ldir proc far
jmp start

; Usage information, display panel

db bs,bs,bs,' ',cr,lf ; in case TYPEd

help db cr,lf,tab,tab,' -- LDIR Version 4.4 --- 25 Mar 91 --'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' (c) Copyright Vernon D. Buerg 1985-91'
db cr,lf
db cr,lf,tab,tab,tab,' Command syntax:'
db cr,lf
db cr,lf,tab,tab,'LDIR [d:][\path[fname[.ext]]] /?.../?'
db cr,lf,tab,tab
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /A include Attributes'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /B Brief headings'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /C Clear screen first'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /D sort by Date'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /F sort by Filename (default)'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /H include Hidden files'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /M only Modified files'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /N No sorting'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /P include all Paths'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /S sort by Size'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /V Verbose headings'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /W Wait after screen full'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /X sort by eXtension'
db cr,lf,tab,tab,' /? display usage syntax',Stopper
db stopper,26

; Data Areas, Constants, Etc.

dta_len equ size dtantry ; DTA length
arg_len equ size argntry ; Argument length
tbl_len equ size tblntry ; Disk record entry
fil_len equ size filntry ; File description entry

tblpara equ tbl_len/16 ; paragraphs in each table entry

depth equ 3 ; Maximum sub-DIR nest level
tab equ 9 ; A tabbie
lf equ 10 ; Line feed
cr equ 13 ; Carriage return
stopper equ 255 ; Ends print strings
bs equ 8 ; Backspace

curdsk equ 19h ;Get current disk
setdta equ 1ah ;Set data transfer area
dskspc equ 36h ;Get disk free space
chdir equ 3bh ;Change directory
write equ 40h ;Write to a file handle
getpath equ 47h ;Get current directory

stackx dw 0 ; Entry stack pointer
dirmask db 0 ; Directory flags mask
errlvl db 0 ; DOS return code
_attr db 7 ; Clear attribute
_page db 0 ; Video page
_rows db 0 ; Rows on screen

flags db byname ; Command switches
byattr equ 1 ; -attributes included
byhide equ 2 ; -want hidden files
byclear equ 4 ; -clear screen
bydate equ 8 ; -sort by date/time
byext equ 10h ; -sort by extension
byname equ 40h ; -sort by name
bysize equ 80h ; -sort by size

flags2 db 0 ; More switches
bymod equ 01h ; -modified files only
bywait equ 02h ; -wait when screen full
bybrief equ 4 ; -four up
bypath equ 20h ; -all paths
byv equ 40h ; -verbose headings

date record yr:7,mo:4,dy:5 ; Packed date
time record hour:5,min:6,sec:5 ; Packed time

anyname db '\????????.???',0,stopper ;Global filename.ext
subdir db '-Dir'

count dw 0 ; Number of files
numdir dw 0 ; Number of table entries
maxdir dw 0 ; Maximum table entries
nxtdir dw 0 ; Offset to next entry
segdir dw 0 ; Segment addr of of gotten table
numbyte dw 0,0 ;Total bytes used
linecnt db 0 ;Line counter for /W

ddptr dw 0

; Headings and titles

titlea db 'List DIRectory Volume: '
volname db 11 dup (' '),11 dup (' ')
month db 'mm/'
day db 'dd/'
year db 'yy '
hours db 'hh:'
mins db 'mm:'
secs db 'ss',cr,lf,stopper

more db '... more',stopper
backsp db 8 dup (8),stopper ; backspace over 'more'

titleb db tab,tab,tab,tab,' ' ; Command parameters
titles db 64 dup (0),stopper ; Current directory

titlec db cr,lf,'Filename Ext Bytes -Last Change- '
titled db 'Filename Ext Bytes -Last Change-'
newline db lf,cr,stopper

nrmsg db cr,cr,' ' ; Ending message
nrbytes db ' bytes in'
nrfiles db ' File(s); '
db ' '
nrsize db ' bytes free.',stopper

extfcb db 255,0,0,0,0,0 ; Extended FCB to get label
db 8 ; Attribute
drivenr db 0,11 dup('?') ; Drive number
db 2 dup(0) ; Current block number
db 3 dup(0) ; Logical record size
db 20 dup(0) ; File size

temp db 0 ; Sort exchange area
origdr db 'x:' ; Original drive
origdir db '\',63 dup (0) ; and path
origptr dw origdir ; End of orig path name

rootdir db 'x:\',0 ; To get vol label
olddate db 8 dup (0) ;
drptr dw offset parmdr ;

model tblntry <> ; Model print line
; Set default drive and path

mov sp,offset local_stack_end ; Use local stack
mov word ptr stackx,sp ; Save stack ptr for exiting
mov ah,8 ; Get monitor stuff
int 10h ;
mov _page,0 ; -video page
mov _attr,ah ; -current attribute

push es ; set dos data area
mov ax,bios ; segment address
mov es,ax ;
mov al,byte ptr es:ega_row ; dos rows on screen
mov ah,24 ; default max rows
or al,al ; is row value ok?
jz start1 ; no, use default
mov ah,al ; yes,
mov byte ptr _rows,ah ; set max rows on screen
pop es ;

call switchs ; Get program options

mov ah,13 ; Reset diskettes
int 21h ;

mov ah,curdsk ; Get current disk
int 21h ;
add al,'A' ;
mov origdr,al ; Save original drive letter
mov rootdir,al ; for reading vol label
mov parmdr,al ;

mov dx,offset dta ; Set Data Transfer Area
mov ah,setdta ;
int 21h ;

call getparm ; Get desired dr:path in 'parmdir'

call getvol ; Get vol name, current dir in 'origdir'

call setarg ; Set search argument

call alloc ; Allocate table for directory

call clock ; Date/time to heading

call getdir ; Read the directory

test flags,bydate+byext+byname+bysize ; Any sort options? ;4.4
jz nosort ; no, display fifo dir
call sort ; Sort directory table

call print ; Display the entries

mov ax,count ; Number of files
sub dx,dx ;
mov si,offset nrfiles ;
call format ;

mov dx,numbyte ; Total bytes used
mov ax,numbyte+2 ;
mov si,offset nrbytes ; target field
call formatc ; Make pretty
mov dx,offset nrmsg ; Display summary stats

exit: mov sp,cs:stackx ; Insure exiting stack
call prints ; Display final message

done: mov sp,cs:stackx ; Insure exiting stack
mov al,errlvl ; Return to system
mov ah,4ch ; via EXIT with error level
int 21h ;

ldir endp

; Set options from command line

switchs proc near
mov si,82h ; Command tail
mov dh,flags ; Default switches
mov dl,flags2
sub cx,cx
or cl,byte ptr -2[si] ; test parm length
jz switch_exit ; none, return as-is

sw1: lodsb ; Scan for switch
cmp al,'/'
loopne sw1
or cx,cx ; found one?
jz switch_exit
mov byte ptr -1[si],cr ; Stop string here
jmp short sw2a

mov flags,dh ; Store new switches
mov flags2,dl
test dh,byclear ; Want clear screen?
jz swx0 ; no, skip next
call cls ; yes

swx0: mov al,dirmask ; Current directory attribute mask
test flags,byhide ; include hidden files
jz swx1
or al,2
swx1: test flags,byattr ; include display of attributes?
jz swx2
or al,7
swx2: test flags2,bypath ; include sub-directories?
jz swx3
or al,16
swx3: mov byte ptr dirmask,al ; Update dir search criteria

sw2: lodsb
cmp al,'/' ; Another switch?
loopne sw2
jcxz switch_exit

sw2a: lodsb ; yes, get letter following
dec cx
jle sw3 ; missing switch

sw3: cmp al,'?' ; Help?
jne sw4
mov dx,offset help
jmp exit

sw4: and al,0dfh ; Make option uppercase
cmp al,'A' ; Attributes?
jne sw5
or dh,byattr
sw5: cmp al,'B' ; Brief?
jne sw6
or dl,bybrief
sw6: cmp al,'C' ; Clear?
jne sw7
or dh,byclear
sw7: cmp al,'D' ; Date?
jne sw8
or dh,bydate
sw8: cmp al,'X' ; Ext?
jne sw9
or dh,byext
sw9: cmp al,'P' ; Paths?
jne sw10
or dl,bypath
sw10: cmp al,'S' ; Size?
jne sw11
or dh,bysize
sw11: cmp al,'H' ; Hidden?
jne sw12
or dh,byhide
sw12: cmp al,'M' ; Modified only
jne sw12b
or dl,bymod
sw12b: cmp al,'W' ; Wait when screen fills?
jne sw12c
or dl,bywait
sw12c: cmp al,'F' ; Sort by filename?
jne sw12d
or dh,byname
sw12d: cmp al,'N' ; No sorting?
jne sw13
and dh,0ffh-byname-byext-bysize-bydate

sw13: cmp al,'B' ; Brief headings?
jne sw14 ;
or flags2,byv ;
jmp sw2 ; Try for another option

switchs endp
; Copy command parameters

getparm proc near
mov si,82h ; Command tail
mov di,offset parmdir ; goes after d:\
sub cx,cx ;
or cl,byte ptr -2[si] ; any parmeters?
jz parm9 ; no, use defaults

parm0: cmp byte ptr 1[si],':' ; Drive specified?
jne parm1 ; no
mov di,offset parmdr ; yes, replace drive letter

parm1: lodsb ; Skip leading blanks
cmp al,' ' ;
jne parm3 ;
loope parm1 ;
jcxz parm9 ;

parm2: lodsb ; Copy d:\path\fname.ext
parm3: cmp al,cr ; end of string?
je parm9 ;
cmp al,' ' ; end of operand?
jbe parm9 ;
cmp al,',' ;
je parm9 ;
stosb ;
loop parm2 ;

parm9: and byte ptr parmdr,0dfh ; Upper case drive parm
mov drptr,di ; Save ptr to parm end
mov al,0 ; Insure asciiz
stosb ;
mov al,parmdr ;
mov origdr,al ;
mov rootdir,al ;
ret ;
getparm endp
; Get volume label and disk free space

getvol proc near
mov dl,parmdr ; Get drive letter
sub dl,64 ; and make it a number
mov drivenr,dl ;
mov si,offset origdir+1 ; Save current path name
mov ah,getpath ;
int 21h ;

mov al,0 ; Get end of path name
mov di,offset origdir ;
mov cx,67 ;
repne scasb ;
sub di,2 ;
mov origptr,di ;

cmp origdir+1,0 ; Already in root?
je getvl3 ; yes, no chdir needed
inc origptr ;
mov dx,offset rootdir ; no, point to root directory
mov ah,chdir ;
int 21h ;
jc getvl9 ;

getvl3: mov dx,offset extfcb ; Search for volume entry
mov ah,11h ;
int 21h ;

or al,al ; Any found?
jnz getvl4 ; no, tough
mov cx,11 ; yes, copy it to heading
mov si,offset dta+8 ;
mov di,offset volname ;
repz movsb ;

getvl4: cmp origdir+1,0 ; Need to restore curdir?
je getvl9 ;
mov dx,offset origdr ; Back to current dir
mov ah,chdir ;
int 21h ;

getvl9: ; Get disk free space
mov dl,parmdr ; Current drive letter
sub dl,64 ; as a number
mov ah,dskspc ; Get free space
int 21h ;
cmp ax,0ffffh ; Valid?
je getvl10 ; no, skip it
mul cx ; Bytes per cluster
mul bx ; Total free
mov si,offset nrsize ; Format size
call formatc ; with commas

ret ;
getvol endp ;
; Set search criteria

setarg proc near
set1: mov bp,offset dta ; First DTA
mov bx,offset search ; Search arument entries

mov ax,word ptr parmdr ; Set search drive
lea di,[bx].argdriv ;
stosw ;

; parameter is possibly a filespec

set2: cmp byte ptr parmdir,'\' ; path requested?
je set8 ; yes, more than a filespec
mov cx,origptr ; no, set search path
mov si,offset origdr+2 ; from original path
sub cx,si ;
jcxz set2a ; In a subdir?
rep movsb ;
mov al,'\' ; Add filespec delimiter
stosb ;

set2a: mov si,offset parmdir ; Copy filespec
mov cx,drptr ; to search criteria
sub cx,si ;
jcxz set5 ; None, append global filespec
rep movsb ;
jmp set7 ; Done

; parameter is possibly a path\filespec

set8: mov dx,offset parmdr ; Requested d:\path\filespec
mov ah,chdir ;
int 21h ; Is parm a valid path name?
jc set4 ; no, have d:\path\filespec

set8a: mov dx,offset origdr ; Restore path
mov ah,chdir ;
int 21h ;

mov si,offset parmdir ; Set search d:\path
mov cx,drptr ; from command parameter
sub cx,si ;
jcxz set5 ;
rep movsb ;
jmp set5 ; Append global filespec

set4: mov si,offset parmdir ; Set search d:\path
mov cx,drptr ; from command parameter
sub cx,si ;
set4a: jcxz set5 ;
rep movsb ;
jmp set7 ; Done

; append global filespec to search criteria

set5: mov si,offset anyname ; Add global search arg
cmp byte ptr -1[di],'\' ; Already have delimiter?
jne set6 ;
dec di ; yes, overlay it

set6: mov cx,15 ; Length of global filespec
push di ; Save current end pointer
rep movsb ;
pop di ; Restore work reg
jmp set9 ;

set7: mov al,0 ; Append ASCIIZ stopper
stosb ;

set9: lea si,[bx].argdriv ; Copy d:\path\filespec
mov cx,di ;
sub cx,si ;
mov di,offset titles ; to titles
rep movsb ;
mov byte ptr [di],stopper ; Add print stopper

set10: ret ; Back to caller

setarg endp
; Obtain directory table

alloc proc near
push bx ; save registers
mov bx,pgmsize ; size of program module
mov ah,4ah ; modify memory
int 21h ;
mov bx,-1 ; ask for all remaining memory
mov ah,48h ; allocate memory
int 21h ;
jc alloc1 ; get what there is

mov segdir,ax ; segment addr of table
mov nxtdir,0 ; offset to first entry

shr bx,1 ; change number of paragraphs
shr bx,1 ; to 64-byte entries
mov maxdir,bx ; maximum table count
pop bx ; restore registers
ret ;
alloc endp

; Build table of directory entries

getdir proc near
push bp ; Ptr to DTA
push bx ; Ptr to search are

; Set DTA for current nesting level
mov dx,bp ; Data transfer area
mov ah,setdta ; Set local DTA
int 21h

; Set search criteria for this level
mov dx,bx ; Search criteria
sub cx,cx ; Directory options
mov cl,dirmask
mov ah,4eh ; Find first matching entry
int 21h

; Examine directory entry just returned
get1: or al,al
jnz gotdir ; Not found, quit looking.
cmp byte ptr [bp].dtaattr,10h
jne get3 ; Is it a sub-dir?
cmp byte ptr [bp].dtaname,'.'
je get4 ; May be entry

call addfile ; Add directory entry to table

; Build parms for sub-dir search
lea dx,[bp].dtaname ; Save ptr to found name
lea si,[bx].argdriv ; Point to current arg
add bp,dta_len ; Next DTA
add bx,arg_len ; Next search arg

; Copy previous arg as next search arg
mov cx,64 ; Maximum length
lea di,[bx].argdriv ; Point to new search arg
get6: lodsb ;
cmp al,'?' ; Used global name?
je get9 ; yes, single nest
cmp al,0 ; End of dir name?
je get5 ; yes, append wild cards
stosb ;
loop get6 ; Continue copying

; Add sub-dir name to search arg
get9: mov si,dx ; Saved ptr to found name
get8: lodsb ;
cmp al,0 ; End of DIR name?
je get5 ; yes, append wild cards
stosb ; no, add to arg
loop get8 ; Continue copying fname

get5: mov si,offset anyname ; Append wild cards
rep movsb ;

call getdir ; Search the sub-dir
sub bx,arg_len ; restore arg
sub bp,dta_len ; and DTA

; Restore DTA to find next matching entry
mov dx,bp ; Data transfer area
mov ah,setdta ; Set DTA
int 21h ;
jmp short get4 ;

get3: call addfile ; Add the entry

get4: mov cx,12 ; Clear found name
mov al,' ' ;
lea di,[bp].dtaname ; Point to file name area
rep stosb ;

mov ah,4fh ; Search for next file
mov dx,bp ;
int 21h ;
jmp get1 ; Loop for next one

gotdir: pop bx ; Restore arg
pop bp ; and DTA
ret ; Return to caller
getdir endp ;
; Add a directory entry to table

addfile proc near
save ; Save registers

mov cx,tbl_len ; Initialize table entry
mov si,offset model ;
mov di,offset pline ;
rep movsb ;

mov al,[bp].dtaattr ; Copy file attributes
mov pline.tblattr,al ;
test flags2,bymod ; Just modified files?
jz addfile1 ; no, add all
test al,10h ; yes, pass subdirs
jnz addfile1 ;
test al,20h ; is it modified tho?
jnz addfile1 ; yes, add the entry
jmp addfile11 ; no, exit

call getdate ; Format date
call gettime ; time
call getsize ; bytes

lea si,[bp].dtaname ; Copy file name
lea di,pline.tblname ;
mov cx,12 ;
lodsb ;
cmp al,0 ;
je addfile5 ;
cmp al,'.' ; separate extension
je addfile3 ;
stosb ;
loop addfile2 ;
jcxz addfile5 ;
lea di,pline.tblname+8 ;
stosb ;
lodsb ;
cmp al,0 ;
je addfile5 ;
loop addfile4 ;

lea di,pline.tblpath ; Copy path name
lea si,[bx].argname ;
mov cx,size tblpath ;
cmp byte ptr 1[si],'?' ; Wildcard part?
je addfile7 ; yes, have name
lodsb ;
stosb ;
loop addfile6 ;

lea si,pline.tblname ;
test pline.tblattr,10h ; Subdirectory?
jnz addfile8 ; yes, copy path name
jcxz addfile10 ; no, pad with blanks
mov al,' ' ;
rep stosb ;
jmp addfile10 ;

cmp cl,12 ; Max subdir name length
jbe addfile9 ; to be copied
mov cl,12 ;
rep movsb ;

mov cx,numdir ; Number of table entries
cmp cx,maxdir ; is table full?
jae addfile11 ; yes, skip it
push es ; no, add to table
mov ax,word ptr segdir ; Segment addr of table
add ax,nxtdir ; plus next entry offset
sub di,di ;
mov si,offset pline ; copy table stuff
mov cx,tbl_len ;
mov es,ax ; Set target segment
rep movsb ;
pop es ;

inc numdir ; Incr entry count
add nxtdir,tblpara ; Bump offset for next table entry

return ; restore registers
addfile endp
; Print file information

print proc near
cmp numdir,1 ; Just one file?
ja printt ; no, two up heading
mov word ptr titled,0a0dh ;
mov titled+2,stopper ;

test flags2,byv ; Want headings?
jnz printv ; no
add linecnt,3 ; yes
mov dx,offset titlea ; Top titles
call prints ;
mov dx,offset titleb ; Subdir name
call prints ;
mov dx,offset titlec ; Headings
call prints ;
mov ax,cs ; Set extra seg
mov es,ax ; locally

sub ax,ax ; Offset to first table entry
mov nxtdir,ax ; as current entry
mov ax,numdir ; Compute offset
inc ax ; to second half
shr ax,1 ;
mov cl,2 ; Times 64 (4 paras each)
shl ax,cl ;
mov cx,numdir ; Number of entries
or cx,cx ; Even number of entries?
jz print7 ; yes, all set
inc cx ; no, just one
shr cx,1 ; Set half of count

call print0 ; Left side
push [nxtdir] ;
add nxtdir,ax ;
call print0 ; Right side
pop [nxtdir] ;

add nxtdir,tblpara ; Point to next entry

test flags2,bywait ; Wait for screen full?
jz printw1 ; no, continue
inc linecnt ; yes, bump line count
mov dl,_rows ; rows available on screen
cmp linecnt,dl ; Full now?
jb printw1 ; no, continue
call waitkey ; yes, get a key

loop print_next ; continue for all entries
ret ; done, return
print endp ;

print0 proc near
save ; Save registers

push ds ; copy table entry to print line
mov cx,tbl_len ; length of table entry
sub si,si ; offset to next entry
mov di,offset pline ; offset to print line
mov ax,word ptr segdir ; Segment addr for table
add ax,nxtdir ; plus paras offset
mov ds,ax ; as source segment
rep movsb ; for copy
pop ds ;

inc count ; Number of files
mov ax,count ;
cmp ax,numdir ; Done em all?
jbe print1 ; no, display this one
dec count ; yes,
jmp print9 ; done, return

mov cl,byte ptr pline.tblattr
lea di,byte ptr pline.tblfatr

test cl,32 ; Archived?
jnz print2 ;
mov al,'A' ;
stosb ;

print2: test cl,4 ; System?
jz print3 ;
mov al,'S' ;
stosb ;

print3: test cl,2 ; Hidden?
jz print4 ;
mov al,'H' ;
stosb ;

print4: test cl,1 ; Read only?
jz print5 ;
mov al,'R' ;
stosb ;

print5: test cl,10h ; Sub directory?
jz print5a ; no
lea di,pline.tblfatr-1 ; yes, special display
mov si,offset subdir ;
mov cx,4 ;
rep movsb ; for copying

test flags2,bypath ; Doing all paths?
jz print6 ;
cmp pline.tblpath+1,'?' ; Nested entry?
je print6 ; no, as-is
mov pline.tblfatr-1,'-' ; yes, flag it in display

print6: lea si,pline.tbldate ; Reformat date
mov di,offset olddate ; for copying
mov cx,8 ;
rep movsb ;

lea di,pline.tbldate ; Format date
mov ax,word ptr olddate+3 ;
stosw ;
mov al,"/" ;
stosb ;
mov ax,word ptr olddate+6 ;
stosw ;
mov al,"/" ;
stosb ;
mov ax,word ptr olddate ;
stosw ;

cmp pline.tblext,' ' ; Any extension?
jne print8 ; yes, leave the dot
mov pline.tblext-1,' ' ; no, rid it

print8: lea dx,pline.tblname ;
mov byte ptr pline.tblctl,' '
mov byte ptr pline.tblctl+1,stopper
mov byte ptr nrmsg+1,lf ;
test count,1 ; Right side?
jnz print8a ;
mov byte ptr nrmsg+1,cr ;
mov word ptr pline.tblctl,0a0dh
call prints ; Display an entry

return ; Restore registers
print0 endp

; Pause at end of screen for any key

waitkey proc near
save ; save work regs

mov linecnt,0 ; reset counter
mov ah,2 ; Set cursor position
mov dl,0 ; col 72
mov dh,_rows ; last row
;; add dh,2 ; adjust for heading
sub bx,bx ;
int 10h ;

mov dx,offset more ; ask for more
call prints ;

mov ah,0 ; wait for a key
int 16h ;

mov dx,offset backsp ; backspace over 'more...'
call prints ;

test flags,byclear ; Clear screen each time?
jz waitkeyc ; no
call cls ; Clear screen
test flags2,byv ; need headings again?
jnz waitkeyx ; no
add linecnt,3 ; yes
mov dx,offset titlea ; Top titles
call prints ;
mov dx,offset titleb ; Subdir name
call prints ;
mov dx,offset titlec ; Headings
call prints ;

return ; restore registers
waitkey endp
; Format the date

getdate proc near ;Format the date
mov ax,word ptr [bp].dtadate
mov di,offset pline.tbldate
or ax,ax ;Is it zero?
jz gotdate
push ax ;Save date
and ax,mask yr ;Get year part
mov cl,yr ;Bits to shift
call cnvrt
or al,'8' ;Adjust for base year
mov al,'-'

pop ax ;Get the date back
push ax ;Save it
and ax,mask mo ;Get month part
mov cl,mo ;Bits to shift
call cnvrt2
mov al,'/'

pop ax ;Get the date back
and ax,mask dy ;Get day part
mov cl,dy ;Bits to shift
call cnvrt
getdate endp

; Format the time

gettime proc near ; Format the date
mov ax,word ptr [bp].dtatime;
lea di,pline.tbltime ;
or ax,ax ; It is zero?
jz gottime ;
push ax ; Save date
and ax,mask hour ; Get hour part
mov cl,hour ; Bits to shift
shr ax,cl ;
call cnvrt1 ;
stosw ;
mov al,':' ;
stosb ;

gt3: pop ax ; Get the time back
and ax,mask min ; Get min part
mov cl,min ; Bits to shift
call cnvrt ;
stosw ;
ret ;
gettime endp

cnvrt2 proc near ; Convert to ASCII
call cnvrt ;
cmp al,'0' ; Suppress leading zero
jne cnvrtd ;
mov al,' ' ;
ret ;

cnvrt: shr ax,cl ;
cnvrt1: aam ; Make AL into BCD
or ax,'00' ; and to ASCII
xchg al,ah ;
cnvrtd: ret ;
cnvrt2 endp ;
; Format the size

getsize proc near
save ; Ptr to Dta entry
mov ax,word ptr [bp].dtasize;
add numbyte+2,ax ;
mov dx,word ptr [bp].dtasize+2
adc numbyte,dx ;
lea si,pline.tblsize ; Target offset
call format ; Format double word
return ;
getsize endp

; Format ASCII numbers from binary

format proc near ; Formats a 32 bit integer in DX:AX
save ; to DS:SI
mov ddptr,si ; addr of target field
mov di,dx ; subroutine uses di:si
mov si,ax
call printdd

xor ax,ax ;zero out the
mov bx,ax ; working
mov bp,ax ; registers.
mov cx,32 ;# bits of precision
j1: shl si,1
rcl di,1
xchg bp,ax
call j6
xchg bp,ax
xchg bx,ax
call j6
xchg bx,ax
adc al,0
loop j1
mov cx,1710h
mov ax,bx
call j2
mov ax,bp
j2: push ax
mov dl,ah
call j3
pop dx
j3: mov dh,dl
shr dl,1 ;move high
shr dl,1 ; nibble to
shr dl,1 ; the low
shr dl,1 ; position.
call j4
mov dl,dh
j4: and dl,0fh ;mask low nibble
jz j5 ;if not zero
sub cl,cl
j5: dec ch
and cl,ch
or dl,'0' ;fold in ascii zero
sub dl,cl
mov bx,ddptr
mov [bx],dl ;ptr to next target field
inc ddptr

j6: adc al,al
xchg al,ah
adc al,al
xchg al,ah
format endp

; Binary to ASCII numbers with commas
; DX:AX has value to convert
; SI points to target area, 11-bytes

formatc proc near ;
push si ; Save parameters
mov bx,si ;
fs1: mov cx,10000 ; Get 10K
div cx ;
push ax ;
mov ax,dx ;
sub dx,dx ;
mov si,bx ; Point to msg
call format ; Rightmost 4 digits

fs1a: pop ax ; get 10k
sub dx,dx ;
or ax,ax ;
jz fs1x ; none left
or word ptr 3[bx],'00' ;
fs1b: mov cx,word ptr 3[bx] ; insert a comma
mov byte ptr 4[bx],',' ;
mov word ptr 2[bx],cx ;
mov cx,1000 ; compute 10m
div cx ;
fs1c: push ax ; save 10m
mov ax,dx ; copy 10k
sub dx,dx ;
lea si,-5[bx] ;
call format ; middle 3 digits
cmp byte ptr [bx],' ' ; millions?
je fs1d ;
mov cx,word ptr -1[bx] ; insert a comma
mov byte ptr [bx],',' ;
mov word ptr -2[bx],cx ;
or word ptr 1[bx],'00' ;

fs1d: pop ax ; get 10m
sub dx,dx ;
or ax,ax ;
jz fs1x ; none left
lea si,-9[bx] ;
call format ;

fs1f: cmp ax,9 ; need a zero?
jbe fs1x ; no
or word ptr -3[bx],'00' ;

fs1x: pop si ; Target

sub si,9 ; Point to first digit
mov cx,16 ; Maximum length
fs1y: lodsb ; Have non-zero?
cmp al,'0' ;
ja fs1z ; yes, insure readable
loop fs1y ;
jcxz fs1exit ;
cmp byte ptr [si],',' ;
je fs1w ;
or byte ptr [si],'0' ;
inc si ;
loop fs1z ;
ret ;
formatc endp

; Print String like INT 21H function 9

prints proc near ; DX has offset to string
save ; ending in char x'FF'
mov si,dx ; Ptr to string text
sub cx,cx ; Overall text length
ps1: lodsb
cmp al,stopper ; Ending hex FF?
je ps9
inc cx
jmp short ps1

mov bx,1 ; Standard output device
mov ah,40h ; to write to
int 21h

return ; Recover registers
prints endp

cls proc near ; Clear screen

mov ax,600h ; Scroll all lines
sub cx,cx ; upper left
mov dx,184fh ; lower right
mov bl,_page ; video page
mov bh,_attr ; attribute
int 10h ; Video I/O

mov bl,_attr ; Set cursor position
mov bh,_page
sub dx,dx ; to 1,1
mov ah,2
int 10h

return ; return to caller
cls endp

; Format current date and time

clock proc near
save ; save work regs

mov ah,2ah ;Get date
int 21h
sub cx,1900 ; last two digits
mov ax,cx ;Make readable
call cnvrt1 ;Convert to ASCII
mov word ptr year,ax
xchg al,dh ;Get month
call cnvrt1 ;Convert to ASCII
mov word ptr month,ax
xchg al,dl ;Get day
call cnvrt1 ;Convert to ASCII
mov word ptr day,ax

mov ah,2ch ;Get time
int 21h
xchg al,ch ;Get hours
call cnvrt1 ;Convert to ASCII
mov word ptr hours,ax
xchg al,cl ;Get minutes
call cnvrt1 ;Convert to ASCII
mov word ptr mins,ax
xchg al,dh ;Get seconds
call cnvrt1 ;Convert to ASCII
mov word ptr secs,ax

return ; return to caller
clock endp

; Shell-Metzger Sort of 64-byte table records

; Variables used for sort subroutine

numrec dw 0 ; Number of entries
loc dw 0
index1 dw 0
incr dw 0
limit dw 0
index2 dw 0
ptr1 dw 0 ;Offset to record Index1
ptr2 dw 0 ;Offset to record Index2

keyptr dw 0 ;Offset to key
keylen dw 0 ;Length of key
base dw 0 ;Seg addr of array

sort proc near
push ds ; Save seg regs
push es

; Set sort options

sub bx,bx ; Offset to key
mov bl,offset tblpath
test flags,bysize
jz sort1
mov bl,offset tblsize ; Sort by size
sort1: test flags,bydate
jz sort2
mov bl,offset tbldate ; Sort by date/time
sort2: test flags,byext
jz sort3
mov bl,offset tblext

; Initialize sort parameters

sort3: mov cx,numdir ; Number of entries
mov numrec,cx
mov keyptr,bx

mov dx,64 ; Length of key
sub dx,bx
mov keylen,dx
mov es,segdir ; Seg addr of table
mov ax,es ; Save array addr
sub ax,4 ; adjust for indexing
mov base,ax

; Sort 64-byte entries

mov loc,cx ; Loc=NumRecs

check: cmp loc,1 ; IF Loc<=1 THEN
jg check1 ; GOTO SORTED
jmp sorted

check1: mov ax,loc
sar ax,1 ; Loc=2*(Loc/4)+1
or ax,1
mov loc,ax

mov ax,numrec ; Limit=NumRec-Loc
sub ax,loc
mov limit,ax

mov incr,0 ; Incr=0

again: inc incr ; Incr=Incr+1

mov ax,incr ; IF Incr>Limit THEN GOTO CHECK
cmp ax,limit
jg check

shl ax,1
shl ax,1
mov index1,ax ; Index1=Incr

mov index2,ax ; Index2=Index1+Loc
mov ax,loc
shl ax,1 ; times 2
shl ax,1 ; times 4
add index2,ax

comp: mov ax,index1 ; IF array(Index1)<=array(Index2)
add ax,base
mov es,ax
mov ptr1,ax
mov di,keyptr

mov ax,index2 ; THEN GOTO AGAIN
add ax,base
mov ptr2,ax
mov si,keyptr
mov cx,cs:keylen

push ds
mov ds,ax
repe cmpsb
pop ds
jae again

swap: mov bx,ptr1 ; ELSE
mov dx,ptr2 ; TEMP=array(Index1)

mov ax,cs
mov es,ax
mov di,offset temp
mov cx,tbl_len

mov ds,bx
sub si,si
rep movsb

mov es,bx ; array(Index1)=array(Index2)
mov ds,dx
sub di,di
sub si,si
mov cx,tbl_len
rep movsb

mov ax,cs ; array(Index2)=TEMP
mov ds,ax
mov si,offset temp
mov es,dx
sub di,di
mov cx,tbl_len
rep movsb

mov ax,index1 ; Index2=Index1
mov index2,ax

mov ax,loc ; Index1=Index1-Loc
shl ax,1
shl ax,1
sub index1,ax

jg comp ; IF Index1>0 then GOTO COMP
jmp again ; ELSE GOTO AGAIN

sorted: pop es ;Recover register
pop ds
sort endp


; Data structures and work areas

parmdr db ' :' ; Drive letter
parmdir equ $ ; for specific path

pline equ parmdir+64 ; Print line

dta equ pline+tbl_len ; Disk transfer areas

search equ dta + (depth+1)*dta_len ; Search arguments

local_stack equ search + (depth+1)*arg_len ; Local stack
local_stack_end equ local_stack+512

workend equ local_stack_end + 2 ; End of work areas

pgmsize equ (workend - cseg + 512) /16 ; Size of program

cseg ends
end ldir

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