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The distribution disk for MD86 contains four versions of the program. Each
compiled by TURBO Pascal installed for different screen options. You should
try each version to determine which works best on your system. Note that
MD86 uses a few minor screen control functions and no graphic functions.

Filename TURBO Pascal Install Option
=========== =====================================
MD86A.COM Option 0, Default display mode.
MD86B.COM Option 1, Monochrome display.
MD86C.COM Option 2, Color display 80x25.
MD86D.COM Option 4, b/w display 80x25.

When you determine which one you want to use, rename it to MD86.COM. Then
it will be easier to follow the manual.


Since MD86 was written in TURBO Pascal, it is possible that a run-time
error or an i/o error message will be displayed. If this does happen,
try to determine what the conditions are that cause it and report this
as a "bug". The one exception to this is "i/o error F3" which indicates
that additional file handles are required. In your CONFIG.SYS file,
insert the line "FILES=16" (or a larger number). Then re-boot and try
MD86 again.


An addendum sheet is supplied containing the additions and corrections for
the latest version (if required). Please read this before reporting any
"problems" as this may help answer some questions.


Bug reports should be reported to the following address and not the dealer
where you purchased the product.

C.C. Software
1907 Alvarado Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(415) 939-8153

Please include enough information so the problem can be repeated on our
equipment. Thanks!

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