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A demo of the INTERUPT program. Good for programmers in assembly language.
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A demo of the INTERUPT program. Good for programmers in assembly language.
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INTDEMO.HLP 30499 10476 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file

Copyright Hackensack 1992, 1993
All Rights Reserved.

INTDEMO includes 4 files:
INTDEMO.COM debugger demo
INTDEMO.HLP help database
FCTBASE.DAT function database
README.1ST general information
Copy the four files to a directory named INTRCPT
on the fixed disk. The DEMO does not use an en-
vironment path, so execute INTDEMO from the INTRCPT
directory for loading of the database files. Once
resident, INTDEMO may be invoked with the Hot-Key
(Alt-PrtScrn) from any directory.

The DEMO is a functioning version of INTRCPT 1.50
with restrictions placed on the Trap, Log, and Debug-
ger. INTDEMO is licensed for 30 days evaluation pur-
poses only. The on-line help is the complete version
included with the commercial product, with this sup-
plement to explain the DEMO restrictions.

The Trap and Log options are restricted to INT 21
with even numbered FCTs only. If wildcard (??)
FCT values are used, only the even numbered FCTs
will be reported. The Debugger is restricted to
Dump, Register, Restore Regs, Trace, and Quit com-
mands only. All other options are fully imple-

INTRCPT V1.50 includes a complete user's manual, and
is priced at $129.00 plus shipping. Minor version
upgrades are free to registered users, and Major ver-
sions for the price differential. For additional
information, contact:

PO Box 181386
Arlington, TX 76096

(817) 561-2172 FAX
(817) 572-0345 VOICE
CompuServe 76570,2752

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