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Freemacs is a programmable editor. The .EXE file is only 21K because
it only contains a language interpreter and text editor primitives. The
bulk of the programming is done in MINT, which is a string-oriented
language. Freemacs is yet another Emacs clone. Emacs was first written
at MIT by Richard M. Stallman.

There are a number of Emacs clones for the PC available. Freemacs
has two distinguishing characteristics:

o Freemacs is the only freely copyable programmable editor. Epsilon and Brief
are examples of commercial programmable editors. (MicroEmacs has a macro
language, but that doesn't make it programmable).
o Freemacs is the only IBM-PC editor that tries to be like GNU Emacs.

You may freely copy this software. I only ask that you send improvements
back to me for incorporation into the package for the rest of us. The
distribution is available from one or more of the following sources:

EMACS15E ARC The executables and MINT code.
EMACS100 ARC Zenith Z-100 version. Requires EMACS15E.
EMACSPEL ARC Spelling checker.
EMACSEGA ARC A collection of EGA utilities
EMAC15ES ARC The .ASM source.


(315)268-6667 - 1200/2400 8N1, 24 hrs. File area 25. No registration
required to download Freemacs.


Anonymous FTP to from PD:


Anonymous FTP to [] from

Bitnet && UUCP:

Send mail to [email protected]. You may use if you are on Bitnet, or
uunet!!archive-server if you are using UUCP. The
mail message should consist of 'help' if you want to learn how to use
the archive server, or else if you just want to get Freemacs, then send
the following lines as a separate mail message. If you have an unusual
return address (i.e. not Bitnet, nor Internet, nor known to uunet), use
the 'path' command to give a path relative to one of the above nets.
send freemacs emacs15d.aa
send freemacs emacs15d.ab
send freemacs
send freemacs
send freemacs
The files that you will get back should be concatenated together, run
through uudecode, and thence through an unARCer such as arc or pkxarc.

Or else send $15 (copying fee) to the author. This will assure you of the
latest version. Please specify floppy format:
5.25", 1.2 Meg
5.25", 360K
3.50", 720K

Russell Nelson
11 Grant St.
Potsdam, NY 13676

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Archive   : EMAC15ES.ZIP
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