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Archive   : EMAC15ES.ZIP
Filename : FAKE101.ASM

Output of file : FAKE101.ASM contained in archive : EMAC15ES.ZIP
;method cribbed from some pibterm code. Thanks to Phil Burns for making
;the source available...

bios_data segment at 40h
org 1Ah
buffer_head dw ? ;pointer to keyboard buffer head
buffer_tail dw ? ;pointer to keyboard buffer tail
org 80h
buffer_start dw ? ;starting keyboard buffer address
buffer_end dw ? ;ending keyboard buffer address
bios_data ends

code segment
assume cs:code

org 100h
jmp start_1

keyboard label dword
old9h dw 2 dup (?) ;old interrupt 9h vector

;We look up the codes that we'll be modifying in our_codes.
;The replacements are in ctrl_codes or alt_codes.

our_codes label byte
db 72 ;Up Arrow
db 74 ;Minus
db 76 ;Five
db 78 ;Plus
db 80 ;Down Arrow
db 82 ;Ins
db 83 ;Del
db 15 ;Tab
db 53 ;/
db 55 ;Asterisk
db 57 ;Space
ctrl_gate label byte ;above this, we don't add ctrl-
db 71 ;Home
db 73 ;Pg Up
db 79 ;End
db 81 ;Pg Dn
db 75 ;Left Arrow
db 77 ;Right Arrow
db 1 ;-Esc
db 14 ;Back Space
db 26 ;{
db 27 ;}
db 28 ;Return
db 39 ;;
db 40 ;'
db 41 ;`
db 43 ;\
db 51 ;,
db 52 ;.
codes_count equ $-our_codes

ctrl_codes label byte
db 141 ;C-Up Arrow
db 142 ;C-Minus
db 143 ;C-Five
db 144 ;C-Plus
db 145 ;C-Down Arrow
db 146 ;C-Ins
db 147 ;C-Del
db 148 ;C-Tab
db 149 ;C-Slash
db 150 ;C-Asterisk
db 167 ;C- Fake for Freemacs

alt_codes label byte
db 152 ;M-Up Arrow
db 74 ;M-Minus
db 76 ;M-Five
db 78 ;M-Plus
db 160 ;M-Down Arrow
db 162 ;M-Ins
db 163 ;M-Del
db 165 ;M-Tab
db 164 ;M-Slash
db 55 ;M-Asterisk
db 168 ;M- Fake for Freemacs

db 151 ;M-Home
db 153 ;M-Pg Up
db 159 ;M-End
db 161 ;M-Pg Dn
db 155 ;M-Left Arrow
db 157 ;M-Right Arrow
db 1 ;M-Esc
db 14 ;M-Back Space
db 26 ;M-{
db 27 ;M-}
db 28 ;M-Return
db 39 ;M-;
db 40 ;M-'
db 41 ;M-`
db 43 ;M-\
db 51 ;M-,
db 52 ;M-.

;KBINT handles interrupt 9 and generates new extended keycodes.
kbint proc near
sti ;interrupts on
push ax ;save AX and BX
push bx
push cx
push di
push es

in al,60h ;read scan code
push cs
pop es
mov di,offset our_codes ;look it up in the table.
mov cx,codes_count
repne scasb
je our_key ;see if we should do ctrl versions.
pop es
pop di
pop cx
pop bx ;restore AX and BX
pop ax
jmp keyboard ;exit to BIOS handler
;Generate extended codes for Ctrl-
mov ah,2 ;get shift key status
int 16h
cmp al,4 ;Just Ctrl key pressed?
jnz checkalt ;no, then check Alt key
cmp di,offset ctrl_gate ;Should we do these?
ja oldint ;no - let the bios do them.
mov bl,cs:[ctrl_codes - our_codes + di - 1]
jmp short process ;process it
;Generate extended codes for Alt-
cmp al,8 ;Just Alt key pressed?
jnz oldint ;no, then exit to BIOS
mov bl,cs:[alt_codes - our_codes + di - 1]

;Reset the keyboard and clear the interrupt.
in al,61h ;read control port value
mov ah,al ;save it in AH
or al,80h ;set the high bit
out 61h,al ;reset keyboard
mov al,ah ;retrieve original value
out 61h,al ;enable keyboard
mov al,20h ;end the interrupt
out 20h,al
;Insert the new keycode into the keyboard buffer.
mov ah,bl ;transfer code to AH
xor al,al ;zero AL
push dx ;save DX and DS
push ds
mov bx,bios_data ;point DS to BIOS data area
mov ds,bx
assume ds:bios_data
cli ;interrupts off
mov bx,buffer_tail ;get current tail address
mov dx,bx ;transfer it to DX
add dx,2 ;advance to next position
cmp dx,buffer_end ;wrap around if necessary
jne buffer
mov dx,buffer_start
cmp dx,buffer_head ;is the buffer full?
je kbexit ;yes, then exit now
mov [bx],ax ;insert keycode into buffer
mov buffer_tail,dx ;advance tail
sti ;enable interrupts
pop ds ;restore registers
assume ds:nothing
pop dx

pop es
pop di
pop cx
pop bx
pop ax
iret ;and exit
kbint endp

;Determine whether or not the BIOS supports extended keyboard functions.
mov ah,5 ;write FFFFh to keyboard buffer
mov cx,0FFFFh
int 16h
mov ah,10h ;then read it back
int 16h
cmp ax,0FFFFh ;is AX set correctly?
je is_ext_kbd ;yes, then don't reset INT 9
;Point the interrupt 9 vector to the internal keyboard handler.
push es
assume es:nothing
mov ax,3509h ;get current vector
int 21h
mov old9h,bx ;save it
mov old9h[2],es
mov ax,2509h ;then reset it
mov dx,offset kbint
int 21h
pop es
assume es:code
mov dx,offset start_1 ;TSR
int 27h
;They already have an extended keyboard.
mov dx,offset is_extended_msg
mov ah,9
int 21h
int 20h

is_extended_msg db 'You already have an extended keyboard$'

code ends

end start

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Archive   : EMAC15ES.ZIP
Filename : FAKE101.ASM

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

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