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XDIR Jeff Prosise
Command 1987/No. 7


Purpose: XDIR.COM is a memory-resident utility that
allows you to display the filenames in any
drive/directory even when you are running
another applications program.

Format: [d:][path]XDIR

Remarks: Once loaded (normally as an entry in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file), pressing the Alt-. (the
Alt and the period key combination) causes a
blank window to pop up on the screen.
Pressing Enter then displays the first 40
filenames of your current directory in the
window. Pressing Esc once clears the
display, and pressing it a second time
returns you to your previous application.

To view other directories, simply enter their
appropriate path designation (including
drive, if different) before pressing Enter
when the window is blank.

The PgUp and PgDn keys are used to display
files beyond the initial 40 shown in the
window. Up to 360 files in any one directory
may be displayed.


1. If you are experienced in using DEBUG,
you may wish to change some of the
XDIR.COM defaults. Remember always to
make changes to a copy of the program,
not to your original. After entering
DEBUG XDIR.COM, the following addresses
and initial values may be of interest:

Offset Value Parameter
:013C 4F Border color attribute
:013D 0F Text color attribute
:014D 00 File type (see Note 2)
:0186 34 Period key scan code
:018E 08 Alt-key shift code

2. By default, XDIR displays only normal
filenames (00 at :014D). To show hidden
files, the value here should be 02.
System files are 04, and subdirectories
are 10h. These values are additive. To
display subdirectories and files marked
both hidden and system (e.g. IBMBIO.COM)
you would enter the value 16h at offset
:014D in place of the default 00.

3. While no TSR program can be guaranteed
compatible with all other memory
residents, its special interrupt
handling should make XDIR.COM coexist
even with most "difficult" TSRs.

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