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VISITYPE Steven Holzner
Command 1986/No. 18


Purpose: Expands the PC's normal 15-character
typeahead buffer to 80 characters.

Format: [d:][path]VISITYPE

Remarks: If you enter a series of commands without
waiting until each has finished executing (as
during a long directory scroll or disk-
searching operation, for example), the PC
will beep and discard subsequent keystrokes
when you exceed its built-in 15-character
keyboard buffer.

VISITYPE enlarges the keyboard buffer to 80
characters and temporarily displays the
overflow on the top line of the display
before they are used. Keystrokes so
displayed can be edited, if necessary, by
using the Backspace key and then entering the
correct keystroke.


1. VISITYPE is a memory-resident utility
that is normally loaded through your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file. While it will work
with most applications programs, it will
not work with those that completely take
over the keyboard interrupts for their
own purposes.

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