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TIMEKEY Jeff Prosise
Command 1987/No. 3


Purpose: Inserts the date and/or time into documents
being created by other applications programs.

Format: [d:][path]TIMEKEY

Remarks: TIMEKEY is a memory-resident utility and must
be loaded after the system date and time have
been initialized. Subject to this
limitation, it may be loaded either at the
command line or as part of an AUTOEXEC.BAT

Once loaded, TIMEKEY uses the following

Alt-L inserts a long-form date
(e.g., June 10, 1987)
Alt-S inserts a short-form date
(e.g., 6-10-87)
Alt-T inserts the time (e.g., 12:21 PM)


1. Once loaded, TIMEKEY keeps track of the
time automatically, but it does not
change the current date at midnight
unless the system is manually rebooted.

2. TIMEKEY is compatible with BASICA (which
also uses the timer tick) and with many
memory resident utilities (e.g.,
SideKick), but compatibility with all
TSR programs cannot be assured.

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