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SWEEP Charles Petzold
Command PC Magazine Vol 4, No 23
Copyright 1985 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Causes a command to be successively executed
in every subdirectory on a hard disk.

Format: SWEEP Command [parameter(s)]

Remarks: SWEEP starts from the current directory. In
order to use SWEEP to extend the range of a
command to all the subdirectories on a disk,
use CD (if necessary) to make the root
directory your current directory. From the
root directory, the command


will display the listings, by subdirectory,
of every non-hidden file on the disk. To
erase all the .BAK files on a disk you need
only get into the root directory and issue
the command


SWEEP itself will not accept parameters other
than its command. Thus, if you are on drive
C: and wish a directory of all files on drive
D: to be sent to your printer, you must first
make drive D: the current drive before you
issue the command


(In this case you would either need a copy of
SWEEP.COM on drive D: or else drive D: would
have to be listed on your PATH.)

SWEEP can execute .BAT file commands (and
even non-DOS commands, such as LOCATE.COM).
A useful file called CLEAN.BAT might consist
of the three lines



From the root directory, if you then enter


all .BAK, .TMP, and .OBJ files will be erased
from the disk.


1. Requires DOS 2.0 or later.

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