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SUGGEST Michael J. Mefford
Command 1986/No. 20


Purpose: Flashes a message on the screen at selected
rates and durations ranging from many minutes
to a brevity approaching the limit of
subliminal perception.

Format: SUGGEST message[/Fn][/Dn]

Remarks: The message may be up to 80 characters in
length; longer messages are truncated. The
optional /F (frequency) and /D (duration)
switches accept a user-entered integer n from
1 through 9. (0 is their default value and
need not be entered). These correspond to
the following approximate timings:

/F9=0:05 /D9=0.170
/F8=3:05 /D8=0.153
/F7=6:05 /D7=0.136
/F6=9:05 /D6=0.119
/F5=12:05 /D5=0.102
/F4=15:05 /D4=0.085
/F3=18:05 /D3=0.068
/F2=21:05 /D2=0.051
/F1=24:05 /D1=0.034
/F0=27:05 (default) /D0=0.017

Example: You might enter the following:


as a useful reminder.


1. SUGGEST is a memory-resident utility.
You may load several messages, but you
must reboot to clear the program.

2. Even at its briefest duration the
SUGGEST message is still visible, so the
program is not intended for scientific
investigation of truly subliminal

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