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Jeff Prosise 1987/No. 20 (Utilities)

Purpose: Locks/unlocks a cursor size and shape set with CTYPE.COM
(Volume 6 Number 19); similarly locks/unlocks a choice of EGA foreground and
background colors; and permits selective replacement of the EGA BIOS code for
CGA emulation.

Format: [d:][path]STICK [/L+|-] [/E+|-] [/B+|-] [/C-| fg bg]

Remarks: STICK is a memory-resident (560 bytes) program that eliminates
several recurring problems connected with the Enhanced Graphics Adaptor (EGA)
and display. A non-resident utility such as CTYPE.COM can set a cursor size
and shape in DOS, and it can prevent the cursor loss frequently encountered
when exiting from utilities such as SideKick while using a 43-line EGA
display. CTYPE alone can do nothing when applications reset the cursor,
however, as they normally do. The STICK /L+ option locks in the cursor shape
for all but applications (such as 1-2-3) that bypass the PC BIOS cursor
routines altogether. To permit some applications (such as word processors)
to manipulate the cursor shape themselves, the STICK /L- option disables
cursor locking.

The STICK /C fg bg option sets EGA foreground and background colors
respectively, using the hex digits shown below:

0 Black 8 Gray
1 Blue 9 Bright Blue
2 Green A Bright Green
3 Cyan B Bright Cyan
4 Red C Bright Red
5 Magenta D Bright Magenta
6 Brown E Yellow
7 White F Bright White

The foreground color (fg) may range from 0 through F; background (bg)
values are limited to 0 through 7. A single space must separate each
parameter. The /C- option disables the color selection locking.

The STICK /E+ option substitutes STICK's own cursor emulation BIOS
code for the bug-ridden IBM emulation routines. By default, or by using the
/E- option, the IBM code is restored. Since the EGA provides an emulation
bit whose setting is stored in the BIOS data area, STICK provides an option
to set or reset this bit directly. If the /E+ option is active (emulation
on), STICK /B+ sets the bit value to 1 (disabling the EGA routines); STICK
/B- re-enables them.

Entered with no parameters, STICK reports the current settings of its
functions. Any or all optional parameters can be entered on a single command
line in either upper or lower case. The /L and /C options are implemented on
all video adapters; the /E switch is limited to EGA systems; /B is functional
on EGA and VGA-based machines.

Format: [d:][path]STICK [/L+|-] [/E+|-] [/B+|-] [/C-| fg bg]

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