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STATUS Michael J. Mefford
Command 1987/No. 8


Purpose: Reads and reports the system configuration
information from a machine's switch settings
and/or low memory addresses.

Format: [d:][path]STATUS

Remarks: STATUS is entered at the DOS prompt and
produces a single-screen display information
that includes: the configuration switch
settings of an IBM PC or XT (or the
equivalent data contained in the AT equipment
byte); number of disk drives installed;
presence or absence of a math coprocessor;
amount of memory installed on the system
board (PC and XT only); number of parallel,
serial, and game ports installed; initial
video mode; total amount of main memory and
amount of currently free memory; amount (if
any) of extended and/or expanded memory; DOS
version in use; and machine BIOS version.


1. Readers have reported that on some
models of the IBM XT the configuration
switch settings are wired upside down
with respect to the STATUS graphic
display. The basic information
presented is correct, however. Also, on
some non-IBM "compatibles" some
information may not be presented.

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