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Command PC Magazine Vol 5, No 13
Copyright 1986 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Displays 26th-line status indicators for the
NumLock, CapsLock, and ScrollLock toggle keys
on IBM monochrome, CGA, and Compaq monitors.

Format: STATLINE (loads memory-resident program)

Remarks: STATLINE converts the normal 25-line text
mode display into 26 lines, using the
additional line to show a # sign for NumLock,
an up arrow for CapsLock, and a double-
pointed arrow for ScrollLock.

On a monochrome display, where insufficient
memory is available for a full 26th line,
two-thirds of that line is used by STATLINE;
the remainder echoes the first portion of the
top line of the regular display.

This utility is not compatible with the IBM
enhanced graphics adapter (EGA) and is best
suited for use with the color graphics
adapter (CGA) and with Compaq displays.


1. STATLINE is a memory-resident utility
and is known to be incompatible with a
number of keyboard macro programs.
Assembly language programmers will be
particularly interested in the extensive
discussion of the problems of co-
residency contained in the original
article (PC Magazine, Volume 5 Number
13), and in the .ASM listing that shows
how to reprogram the 6845 video

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