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RENDIR (Rename Directory) John Dickinson
Command PC Magazine Vol 5, No 7
Copyright 1986 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Permits renaming subdirectories directly,
without creating a new directory, moving the
contents of the old one into it, and then
removing the old directory.

Format: RENDIR [d:][path]oldname[.ext] newname[.ext]

Remarks: PC-DOS has always provided a REName command
for filenames, but not for directories. A
bug in DOS 3.0 permits you to use the
immediate mode of BASIC to

NAME olddir AS newdir

but this bug has been removed from subsequent
DOS versions. RENDIR.COM permits renaming
directories in DOS 3.0 and later.

While RENDIR allows you to change the name of
a directory on another drive than your
current one, it does not permit you to
transfer a directory to another drive by
RENDIRing it. Thus, for example, if you are
on drive C: and have a directory on drive D:
named \TAXES, from the C> prompt you can


You cannot, however


Furthermore, you should not use RENDIR to try
to change the name of the subdirectory you
are currently in.


1. Unlike RENAME, RENDIR does not support
use of the ? and * wildcard characters.

2. Requires DOS 3.0 or higher.

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