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RED (Redirect) John Dickinson
Command PC Magazine Vol 4, No 4
Copyright 1985 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Transfers one (or more) file(s) from one
subdirectory to another without requiring the
use of COPY and ERASE.

Format: RED [d:][path]filename[.ext] [d:][path]

Remarks: Like the DOS COPY command, RED.COM supports
the use of the global characters ? and * in
specifying the desired source files.

Unlike COPY, however, RED.COM does not permit
renaming a file during the transfer process.
(This is why it is unnecessary to supply a
target filename.) Furthermore, RED requires
that the source and target drives be the
same. You cannot, therefore, remove a set of
files from drive C: by trying to REDirect
them to drive A:.

Example: Before submitting your income tax you
calculated it under several different
methods, contained in files named ROUGH1.DAT
through ROUGH6.WKS. These are all in the
subdirectory \IRS on drive C:, and you want
to move them all to a sub-subdirectory (which
you have created) called \1985TAX\DRAFTS.
From the C> prompt enter


and all six files will be moved out of \IRS
and into \1985\DRAFTS.


1. Requires DOS 2.0 or later.

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