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QUICKEYS Leo Forrest
Command PC Magazine Vol 5, No 5
Copyright 1985 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Accelerates the "typematic" repeat rate of a
PC or XT keyboard. A built-in subprogram is
included that instantly clears the keyboard
buffer to prevent sending excess accumulated
keystrokes to the display.

Format: QUICKEYS (loads memory-resident program)
(clears keyboard buffer)

Remarks: While the keystroke repetition rate of the PC
AT is adjustable, that of the XT and the PC
is fixed at approximately nine keystrokes per
second. When QUICKEYS is loaded (normally
through your AUTOEXEC.BAT file), the
repetition speed is approximately doubled.
Successive loadings of QUICKEYS (each
requires about 672 bytes of memory) can be
used to increase the keyboard speed still
further, if desired.


1. QUICKEYS is a memory-resident program
that inserts itself both into the timer
tick and keyboard interrupt routines.
It is not compatible with some other
memory-resident software and with
programs that appropriate the keyboard

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