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PARSE Michael J. Mefford
Command 1987/No. 2


Purpose: Displays the number of characters, words, and
sentences in ASCII text files.

Format: PARSE [d:][path]filename

Remarks: PARSE also calculates and reports the
averages of the numbers of characters per
word, words per sentence, and "long" words (8
or more characters). It uses these to
calculate and display an approximation of the
Fog Index grade-level readability rating.

The accuracy of the various counts may be
affected, though usually not significantly,
by the presence of formatting and printing
codes included in the file by non-ASCII word
processors. PARSE does ignore the "high-bit"
codes produced by WordStar and similar
programs, but "dot commands" and the like
will be counted.


1. For further information on the Fog Index
see Robert Gunning's The Technique of
Clear Writing (McGraw-Hill, 1952, 1968).

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