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LPTPORT John Dickinson
Command PC Magazine Vol 4, No 5
Copyright 1985 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Permits alternate use of two parallel
printers (e.g., letter- and draft-quality
units) with software that is normally limited
to using LPT1:.


Remarks: Certain software, e.g., the PC-DOS Shift-
PrtSc routine, does not recognize a command
such as


To use such software with two different
printers normally requires changing physical

LPTPORT.COM provides a software toggle that
interchanges the internal DOS I/O addresses
of LPT1: and LPT2:. After entering the
LPTPORT command, a second printer, connected
to LPT2:, will receive program output
nominally directed to LPT1:. Entering the
LPTPORT command a second time restores the
original port assignments.


1. Certain internal print-spooling
programs, such as those supplied with
add-on memory board cards, read the port
address assignments at boot-up time and
do not thereafter look at the low-memory
area of DOS to find them. With such
programs you will have to run LPTPORT
before the print spoolers are loaded in
order to change the effective port

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