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DR At a Glance

DR.COM provides an integrated set of file management facilities for sorting,
viewing, renaming, deleting, and moving files to another directory. The
command is entered at the DOS prompt, with the following syntax:

Syntax: DR [d:][directory]

The default filename display (21 per page, to a maximum of 721) is sorted
alphabetically. Various switches, added to the command, may be added to sort
by other criteria:
/E (sort by Extension)
/S (sort by Size)
/D or /T (sort by DaTe)
/O (sort by DOS DIR order)
Thus, for example,

sorts the initial display of the PROG directory of the default drive by size.

When a DR listing is on screen, a menu is displayed showing further options.
A highlight bar illuminates a single filename, and the Up and Down Arrow keys
move the highlight bar a line at a time. The PgUp and PgDn keys move the bar
a page at a time, and Ctrl-PgUp and Ctrl-PgDn move it to the top and bottom
of the current page. Home and End move to the beginning and end of the
directory listing. Pressing (and repressing) a letter moves the bar to the
first (and successive) filename(s) beginning with that letter.

The highlighted file may be brought on screen for viewing by pressing F1 (or
Enter or Ctrl-V). The Up and Down Arrows, PgUp and PgDn, and Home and End
work within the file, as well. Esc, Enter, or F1 return you to the menu and
directory listing. When pressed at the menu level, Esc terminates the

Within DR, the following function keys (and alternatively, the indicated
Ctrl-letter) combinations are used:

F1 Ctrl-V (or Enter) View file
F2 Ctrl-D Delete file
F3 Ctrl-R Rename file
F4 Ctrl-M Move file
F6 Ctrl-W WordStar hi-bit ON/Off
F7 Ctrl-N Sort files by Name
F8 Ctrl-E Sort files by Extension
F9 Ctrl-S Sort files by Size
F10 Ctrl-T Sort files by Date

Successive sorts can be used to arrange files, e.g. in order of size and then,
additionally, by extension.

Files can be renamed and may be moved from one directory to another within DR,
but they cannot be renamed and moved in a single step. Files cannot be
copied from within DR.

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