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DOSKEY At a Glance

DOSKEY is a memory-resident utility that extends the functions
available at the DOS prompt to include changing foreground/background colors,
a command stack that holds up to 15 immediately reissuable commands, and
command macros keyed to function keys F3 through F12. In addition, editing
functions have been added for the DOS command line and the CLS (Clear Screen)
command has been modified to operate with color (CGA or EGA) and with
displays of more than 25 lines.

DOSKEY is normally loaded through a line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, but may be
loaded from the command line using the following syntax:


Operation After loading, pressing the F1 key successively cycles through the
16 foreground (text) colors, while F2 acts similarly for the 8 available
background colors. Pressing the Shift key with either F1 or F2 reverses the
direction of the cycling. CLS remembers the last-set color scheme. If a
space is typed between CLS and Enter, the color will revert to the DOS
defaults (black and white).

Function keys F3 through F12 are assigned by default to the following command

F3 dir
F4 type
F5 copy
F6 delete
F7 chdir
F8 path
F9 browse
F10 cls
F11 backup
F12 restore

Any of these assignments may be changed using DEBUG, as described in
the body of the article. The browse command (F9) was presented in PC
Magazine Volume 5 Number 6. Use of the F11 and F12 keys requires an enhanced
keyboard and appropriate BIOS support.
The command stack uses the Up- and Down-Arrow cursor keys to bring
previously-issued commands to the command line for reissue. The command line
editor supports Left- and Right-Arrow cursor motion without deletion, Home
and End keys for moving to the ends of the line, and Del and Backspace for
character deletion. Pressing Esc clears the command line, and pressing Ins
toggles between insert and overwrite modes.

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