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DOS-EDIT Charles Petzold
Command PC Magazine, Vol 5, No 3
Copyright 1986 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Permits moving to, editing, and reentering
on-screen DOS commands without retyping.

Format: DOS-EDIT (loads memory-resident program)
(enables DOS-Edit keys)
(cursor left)
(cursor right)
(cursor up)
(cursor down)
(destructive backspace)
(insert/overwrite toggle)
(delete character)
(delete to end of line)
(cursor to column 1)
(cursor to initial column #)
(exit edit mode, no changes)
(transfer text line right of
cursor to end of original line)
(like , plus execute command)

Remarks: When loaded, normally through your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file, an initial Up Arrow
keypress activates the DOS-EDIT mode.
(Thereafter, the Up Arrow functions as a
normal cursor arrow key.) If you move the
cursor down to the original line, you will
leave the DOS-EDIT mode (e.g., the Left Arrow
key will once again delete characters).

Example: A typical use of DOS-EDIT is to correct a
long command line in which you made a typing
error. Simply move the cursor up to the mis-
typed line, correct the mistake (using the
appropriate keys listed under FORMAT), press
Home (to position the cursor to pick up the
whole of the line), then Enter.

A less obvious example occurs if you have
just done a DIR listing and want to run a
program. Move the cursor up and just to the
right of the program name. Press PgDn to
delete the extension and the rest of the
line, PgUp to position the cursor to pick up
the whole command name, then Enter.


1. DOS-EDIT is a memory-resident program,
and so may cause conflicts with some
other memory-resident software programs.
Such problems can frequently be solved
by changing the order in which the
several memory-resident programs are
loaded. DOS-EDIT should be loaded
before ASSIGN.COM and before SideKick,
for example.

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