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DIRNOTES At a Glance

DIRNOTES presents a DOS-format, alphabetically-sorted directory
listing in the left portion of the display, together with a coordinated,
38-character field on the right side in which you can enter descriptive
comments about the file contents, hot-keys, etc. Your notes are automatically
saved when the Esc key is pressed, in a file called DIRN-abc.DAT, where abc
represent the first three letters of the directory name.


DIRNOTES [d:][path][directory]

Operation The cursor Up- and Down-Arrow keys, are used to scroll the
coordinated directory listings/notes line by line. PgUp and PgDn scroll by
screenful, and Home and End go to the beginning and end of the listings. The
DIRNOTES editor operates in overstrike mode and incorporates a backspace
delete. The Left- and Right-Arrow keys can be used to move the cursor
without deleting characters beneath it.
A "U" immediately after the directory listing indicates that that file
has been updated since the last time the DIRNOTES data file was updated, so
the file description may need to be changed.
The .DAT file created by DIRNOTES is in standard ASCII, and so may be
TYPED. Users are cautioned against attempting to edit the .DAT file with a
word processor, however, as the record field lengths are fixed-length and any
changes made other than by DIRNOTES itself may render the file unrecoverable.

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