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DIREX Steven Holzner
Command 1987/No. 1


Purpose: Facilitates copying, deleting, protecting, or
unprotecting selected files in a directory.

Format: DIREX [d:][filespec]

Remarks: DIREX displays up to 121 filenames on screen;
the ? and * "wildcards" can be used to
restrict the number of displayed entries.
The cursor arrow keys are used to move a
reverse-video highlight bar from one filename
to another. When a filename is highlighted
it can be selected for further treatment by
pressing the spacebar. (A mistakenly marked
file can be deselected by pressing the
spacebar a second time.)

Single-letter commands implement any one of
the following actions on any marked files:

C Copy (you are prompted for a new path)
D Delete
P Protect (makes read-only)
U Unprotect (makes read-write)

N Change to a new directory
Q Quit


1. In handling very large subdirectories,
the NO.COM utility (1986 No. 9, and
contained on PC Utilities Disk 1) can
also be used in conjunction with DIREX
to inhibit display of one or more groups
of filenames.

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