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DELZ (Delete file entirely) Steven Holzner
Command PC Magazine, Vol 4, No 21
Copyright 1985 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose: Allows you to delete a file absolutely by
writing over the sector(s) it occupies.

Format: DELZ


DEL/Z [d:][path][filename[.ext]]

Remarks: DOS does not delete files by overwriting
them. Rather, the sectors used by the
"erased" file are simply made available for
use by subsequently written files. Until
they are so used, however, the original file
can be recovered with UNDEL.COM (included in
these utilities) or by using a comparable
commercial product.

Because it overwrites the sectors used by a
file, DELZ provides complete deletion. A
memory-resident utility, it attaches itself
to DOS when loaded, normally as a command
entered through your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
Thereafter, until you reboot, it provides a
/Z (for "zero out") option for the DEL

Example: The disk from which you boot up your PC on
drive A: has a copy of DELZ.COM on it, and
the disk in drive B: has a file called
TAXCHEAT.85 that you wish to ensure is
completely obliterated. From the A> prompt
you enter DELZ to load the command into
memory. Then you enter


Even if the TAXCHEAT.85 file is unerased, its
original contents will now be unrecoverable.
(The contents of that file will, in fact, be
the machine language code of DELZ.COM


1. The Z in DEL/Z must be typed uppercase.
The use of the global characters ? and *
is supported.

2. Because of possible conflicts with other
memory-resident programs and utilities,
you must check whether DELZ can be
installed on your own system. While
SideKick has caused no reported
difficulties, running XyWrite II or III,
with or without its XYKBD.COM file, is
impossible after DELZ is made resident.

3. The use of DELZ.COM is likely to be
reasonably infrequent, but sometimes it
will be absolutely necessary. If you
find at those times that co-residency
conflicts prevent putting it in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file, you may wish to keep
a bootable disk (formatted with the /S
option) with a copy of DELZ.COM and an
AUTOEXEC.BAT file that loads the
program. If you then boot up from this
disk you can destroy any file(s) you
wish, remove the DELZ disk, and reboot
your computer normally.

4. Requires DOS 2.0 or higher.

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