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Jeff Prosise 1987/No. 19 (Utilities)

Purpose: Recovers the cursor when it disappears upon leaving an
application, and permits setting cursor shape.

Format: [d:][\path]CTYPE [/xy]

Remarks: The optional /xy command line parameter, which can also be
used in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file, consists of two letters ranging from A to the
letter that represents the maximum number of scan lines in the current video
mode character box. This is N for an MGA or an EGA in 25-line mode (14 scan
lines), and H for an EGA in 43-line mode or a CGA in text mode (8 scan lines).

Entered without the /xy parameter, CTYPE brings up a selection frame
in which, as the cursor is moved by the arrow keys, the cursor size/shape
changes. Pressing the spacebar at this point alternately shows the cursor
against a sample line of text and returns to the selector frame. Pressing
Enter selects the cursor shape shown and returns to the command line prompt.

When the cursor is temporarily lost, as when exiting from SideKick (or
other TSR utility) while in a 43-line EGA mode, entering CTYPE will restore
the cursor.

Note: Many applications programs reset the cursor internally for their own
purposes. These settings will supercede those of CTYPE. To restore the
CTYPE cursor on exit, run such programs from a batch file whose last line
resets the desired CTYPE parameters.

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