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COPYSAFE Michael J. Mefford
Command 1987/No. 6


Purpose: Prevents accidentally over-writing files when
using the COPY command.

Format: [d:][path]COPYSAFE

Remarks: COPYSAFE is a memory-resident utility that
displays the filename(s), drive, and
directory of any file that will be
overwritten if a COPY command is executed.
After being warned, you are given the
opportunity either to terminate the COPY
procedure or to continue, and so overwrite
the file(s).

COPYSAFE should be loaded only once per
session. The best procedure is to include it
in an AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Be sure, however,
to load COPYSAFE after any commands (such as
DATE or TIME) that pause for user input.


1. Because of the way DOS processes
commands in a batch file, COPYSAFE
cannot warn against accidental
overwriting if you run COPY as part of a
.BAT file. Similarly, it is not
designed to handle instances in which
the COPY command is used to concatenate

2. COPYSAFE is highly compatible with other
memory-resident programs, but because
absolute compatibility among all
possible TSR (terminate but stay
resident) utilities cannot be
guaranteed, you should check its
operation on your system thoroughly
before you rely on it completely.

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