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Browse Charles Petzold
Command PC Magazine Vol 5, No 6
Copyright 1986 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company

Purpose Permits scrolling forward and backward
throughout a file without use of a word
processing program.

Format: BROWSE [d:][path]filename[.ext] [/W]

Remarks: The DOS TYPE command does not permit you to
scroll ahead or go back to previously
displayed material in a file. It also exits
at the first instance of Ctrl-Z (ASCII 26,
conventionally used as an End-of-File
marker), making it impossible to scan binary
(e.g. .COM) files for error messages,
copyright notices, and the like.

BROWSE.COM overcomes these shortcomings,
giving you the chance to go immediately to
the top or to the end of a file (the Home and
End keys, respectively), to the succeeding or
previous screen (PgUp and PgDn), or to move
up or down a line at a time (Up Arrow or Down
Arrow). To return to DOS, simply press the
Escape key or Ctrl-Break.

Wide displays, e.g. a spreadsheet file, are
not broken at 80 columns, as with TYPE.
BROWSE ignores carriage returns (ASCII 13),
breaking lines only on line feeds (ASCII 10).
The Right Arrow key scrolls the display to
the right in eight-character increments (see
Note 3 below) to view wide displays; the Left
Arrow key returns you immediately to column

BROWSE expands tab characters (ASCII 9) to
the next eight-character boundary, but does
no other character processing unless the /W
parameter is specified. Use of the /W option
permits using BROWSE with WordStar files.


1. BROWSE can run under TopView or Windows;
specify "writes directly to screen" in
the .PIF and use the default 52K memory
requirement. (The program actually
requires only approximately 33K to run.)
For the TopView PIF, specify that the
program intercepts Interrupt 23h.

2. BROWSE is compatible with the IBM
monochrome, CGA, and EGA displays, and
will even run in the EGA 43-line mode.
Files prepared with word-processors that
employ a one-line-per-paragraph format
(such as Microsoft Word and XyWrite) may
to require excessive right scrolling,

3. BROWSE.COM can be patched with DEBUG so
that its right-scroll jumps by more than
the default eight characters. The
address to patch is 10F in the .COM
file. After entering DEBUG BROWSE.COM

E 10F

and the default value (08h) will appear.
Type the desired hexadecimal number (28
for a 40-column increment; 50 for an 80-
column increment) and press .
Then type W to write to the disk
and Q to quit DEBUG.

4. Requires DOS 2.0 or later.

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