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ASC Jeff Prosise
Command 1987/No. 5


Purpose: Provides a pop-up ASCII chart showing
decimal, hexadecimal, and character
equivalents for the full IBM character set.

Format: [d:][path]ASC

Remarks: ASC.COM is a memory-resident utility that is
normally loaded at boot-up, via your
AUTOEXEC.BAT file. Once loaded, pressing
Alt-A pops up the first page (32 ASCII codes)
of the display window over any currently
active applications program. The Up- and
Down-Arrow, PgUp and PgDn, and Home and End
keys access the remaining ASCII display
pages. Pressing Esc closes the window,
restoring the original screen display.

In operation, ASC.COM requires approximately
2.5K of RAM. It is compatible with most
applications and TSR (terminate and stay
resident) programs that do not themselves
require the Alt-A key combination, and it may
be used with monochrome, color, or EGA


1. Users familiar with using DEBUG can
modify the default border, text, and
header colors of ASC.COM. These values,
initially 0Fh, 1Fh, and 1Eh,
respectively, are located at offsets
014D through 014F in the .COM file. For
use with a composite monochrome display,
the values 70h, 07h, and 07h are

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