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Disassembler for TI 7000 series microcontrollers.
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Disassembler for TI 7000 series microcontrollers.
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Contents of the DISASS.TXT file

This is the first rev (1.0) of a disassembler for the T.I. series
of microprocessors TMS7000. One use of this microprocessor that
makes it of special interest is the V.C. II used in T.V.R.O. systems.
This package will allow you to examine the software from this and
other devices that use the TMS7000 to see what makes it tick. I
think any user has a right to understand the operation of anything
that they own and use. I take no responsibility for the use of the
information obtained by the use of this disassembler.

If you feel that this software is useful I ask you to pay a small
fee to help repay me for the many hours I spent writing and debugging
it. If I see sufficient interest, updates and additions
will be released. One addition being planned is an assembler that
will take the output of this package (along with any changes you
have made) and reassemble it to object code. This disassembler /
assembler combo will make it easy to make changes in the operation
of a device to suit the user. The assembler and enhancements to the
disassembler will be released only if there is sufficient interest
by you, the user.

If you feel this package is of value to you I ask that you
send payment of $25. This will repay my time spent and also
allow me to inform you of any problems, updates and additions
M.K. Knight
P.O. Box 571
Simpsonville, S.C. 29681

The software is simple to use, It works with three files.
1) name.BIN this is the code to be disassembled, in binary form.
2) name.CFG this a configuration file. you use this file to
modify the output of the disassembler.
3) name.LST this is the output of the disassembler. It is
a text file that you can modify and then reassemble.

Use the name of your file for above.

The config file allows you to specify several things about the
file being examined. The file is written using any plain ascii
text editor. The first character on each line is the command.
use a space to seperate the command from any required arguments.
Only one command is allowed on a line

allowed commands:
P xxxx sets the starting address (rom base address)
B ssss eeee does not disassemble the code between start (ssss)
to the end (eeee) uses defined bytes.
L label xxxx will use the "label" where the defined address
is used in the program.

the above addresses (xxxx ssss eeee) are hex.
the config file should at least have the rom base address
supplied (P program counter). the disassembler runs much
better when it knows where it is.

after creating a config file you can invoke the dis-assembler
with the line "disass name"
use no extensions the correct extensions are supplied as needed.

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