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D86 debugger, V3.72, update to accompany new A86 assembler.

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D86 debugger, V3.72, update
to accompany new A86 assembler.

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D86 debugger, V3.72, update to accompany new A86 assembler.
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A86.COM 31123 26912 deflated
D00.DOC 3314 1318 deflated
D01.DOC 12130 4977 deflated
D02.DOC 12583 4734 deflated
D03.DOC 15695 5939 deflated
D04.DOC 11855 3828 deflated
D05.DOC 12549 4421 deflated
D06.DOC 19944 6480 deflated
D07.DOC 8744 3307 deflated
D08.DOC 4249 1900 deflated
D09.DOC 3264 1459 deflated
D10.DOC 10143 3158 deflated
D86.COM 18034 15741 deflated
D86CHECK.COM 540 458 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 64 64 stored
HEXOUT.8 3663 1499 deflated
INSTALLA.BAT 440 265 deflated
INSTALLB.BAT 442 267 deflated
READ.ME 1485 802 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

D86 debugger, V3.72, update
to accompany new A86 assembler.

D86 debugger, V3.72 September 20, 1994
Copyright 1986--1994 Eric Isaacson.
All rights reserved.

See the text file D01.DOC for permissions/restrictions.

This package is the new release of the D86 debugger. Please
upload it to bulletin boards, and give it to user groups,
computer departments in schools, and anyone else you think might
be interested in an debugger package for the IBM-PC.

You need to read the manual to use this program -- it's
just too complex to be self-explanatory. The file D02.DOC
takes you through a trial demonstration.

What's New

V3.72 is a release in conjunction with V3.72 of the A86 assembler.
D86 uses A86 to provide immediate-execution and patching features,
and each significant change to A86 requires a new D86 as well, to
track the locations of internal functions.

How to Get Everything

If you have downloaded the D86Vxxx.ZIP file from a BBS, you need
only make a subdirectory on your hard drive, make that the
current subdirectory, then run the program PKUNZIP or PCUNZIP
followed by the name of the ZIP file. The program will "unzip"
(decompress) all the files of the package into your subdirectory.

You may wish also to obtain the associated A86 assembler package.
The program A86.COM is included in this package (it is needed for
D86 to execute), but the A86 documentation isn't. Look for a
file A86Vxxx.ZIP in the same sources from which you received this
D86 package.

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