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The entire module is Copyright 1987,1988 Eric Isaacson. All
rights reserved. Usage is restricted to users registered for
both A86 and D86.

This module describes what you can do if you'd like to be
ambitious, and assist me in getting D86 to run on your non-IBM-
compatible BIOS, by writing the BIOS interface yourself.

The files BIOS.8, ZBIOS1.8, and ZBIOS2.8 comprise the source to
D86's BIOS interface. The program XBIOS.8 is a standalone
program that tests the interface. The batch file MAKX.BAT
constructs the program XBIOS.COM.

In order to get D86 up and running on your machine as quickly as
possible, you should send four things:

1. Your registration fee for D86 (and A86, if you plan to use

2. The output to D86CHECK as run on your machine.

3. The modified BIOS.8, that produces an XBIOS that works on
your machine.

4. A list of keycodes returned by your computer as reported by
XBIOS, for the keys mentioned in the following "Keyboard
Mapping Chart", as well as any interesting-looking keys in
your machine that do not exist at all on the IBM-PC.

Keyboard Mapping Chart

All ASCII characters should return their ASCII codes. All
function keys and special keys should return the sum of decimal
112 with the "auxiliary byte" value returned by IBM's BIOS. These
(decimal) values are as shown in the following chart. So for
example, the F1 key should map to 112+59 = 171 decimal.

F1 59 Alt-0 129 Shift-Tab 15
. Alt-hyphen 130 Home 71
. Alt-= 131 Up arrow 72
F10 68 PgUp 73
Alt-Q 16 Left Arrow 75
Shift-F1 84 Alt-W 17 Right Arrow 77
. Alt-E 18 End 79
. Alt-R 19 Down Arrow 80
Shift-F10 93 . PgDn 81
. Insert 82
Ctrl-F1 94 Alt-P 25 Delete 83
. Ctrl-PrtSc 114
. Alt-A 30 Ctrl-Left 115
Ctrl-F10 103 Alt-S 31 Ctrl-Right 116
. Ctrl-End 117
Alt-F1 104 . Ctrl-PgDn 118
. Alt-L 38 Ctrl-Home 119
. Ctrl-PgUp 132
Alt-F10 113 Alt-Z 44
Alt-X 45
Alt-1 120 .
. .
. Alt-M 50
Alt-9 128

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