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C H A N G E S I N V 0 1 . 5 0

The ASxxxx assembler and linker have been updated to move
byte index, direct page mode, and byte pc relative address
checking from the assembler to the linker. This change has al-
lowed the following enhancements:

1. The .setdp directive now has a common format for all
AS68xx assemblers.

2. Direct page variables may be externally defined with
their addresses resolved at link time.

3. Byte index offsets may be external references and
resolved at link time.

4. Byte pc relative instructions (i.e. branches) may
reference external labels or labels in other areas.

The ASxxxx assemblers (using the -f or -ff option) can
generate a listing file which flags the data that will be relo-
cated by the linker.

The REL file format now has an additional directive for pag-
ing information and has additional flags for page0, page, and
unsigned byte formats. The new linker is compatible with the
first version of the ASxxxx assemblers.

The remaining changes are related to non-portable code found
while porting the assemblers to a motorola 68030 system.