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.sbttl Assist09 Command List

.if 0

B (reak) - list break points
NNNN - insert break point
-NNNN - delete break point
- - delete all break points

C (all) - call routine at PC as subroutine
NNNN - call routine at NNNN as subroutine

D (isplay) NNNN NNNN - display range mod16
NNNN - display 16 bytes [NNNN]mod16
M - display 16 bytes [M]mod16
P - display 16 bytes [PC]mod16
W - display 16 bytes [W]mod16
@ - following NNNN, M, P, or W displays
16 bytes indirectly

E (ncode) Encodes a 6809 postbyte based on the
addressing mode syntax as follows:

R = X, Y, U, or S

Direct Addressing Modes
------ ---------- -----

,R A,R

Indirect Addressing Modes
-------- ---------- -----

[,R] [A,R]
[HH,R] [D,R]
[HH,PCR] [,--R]
[HHHH] [,R++]


G (o) - Go to PC

L (oad) Load a S1-S9 format data

M (emory) NNNN - Display memory data at address NNNN
- Terminate memory function
/ - Display current byte with address
. - Display next byte with address
^ - Display previous byte with address
, - Skip byte
SPACE - Display next byte

The / may be used as an immediate command.

After any of the display commands the memory contents
may be alterred by inputting a valid hex number or
ascii 'string' enclosed by single quotes (').

O (ffset) NNNN NNNN - Calculate the two and/or three byte offset

P (unch) NNNN NNNN - Punch a S1-S9 format data

R (egister) Display 6809 registers and allow changes

- terminate command
SPACE - terminate value input or
skip to next register
, - terminate value input or
skip to next register

V (erify) Verify memory against S1-S9 format data

W (indow) NNNN - Define a display window for the
D and M commands.

ctrl-x will abort any command