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Original author unidentified

Revised by Thomas A. Lundin
Graphics Unlimited Inc.
3000 Second St. No.
Minneapolis, MN 55411
(612) 588-7571

usage: clok [/c /d]
/c to toggle chiming. No chimes by default.
/d to force the date to be read from system

Clock display can be toggled on and off by repeating 'clok'.

Chimes should be toggled off when using heavy interrupt-driven
software such as communications to avoid losing characters or
hanging the system.

9/4/87 note:
This version uses the clock tick to regulate the duration of the
chimes, meaning that the chimes should be the same length from
one system to another, no matter what the CPU speed.
Also modified start-up routines to automatically set the time
display background to color or monochrome.

9/21/87 note:
This version alterates a date display with the time display, every
two seconds. The date display is static, i.e., it is not updated
at midnight. You must type clok/d to update the date.

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Archive   : CLOK3.ZIP
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