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INTRO TO SPHINX C-- (updated 14 Sept 1994)

Hello, and welcome to SPHINX C--. C-- is a language I (Peter Cellik)
created, it is a half way point between C and Assembly. The main thought
behind C-- is to create very small, and hopefully fast programs. The output
efficiency is close to assembly with the source file being similar to C and
thus more readable that assembly source. C-- can be used as a stand alone
language, or, via the use of Microsoft compatible OBJ output, be used within
another language such as C++ or Borland Pascal.

C-- is now distributed in two ZIP files (one was too big for some):
C--C????.ZIP === SPHINX C-- Compiler, Work Bench and header files.
C--EX???.ZIP === all the example programs for SPHINX C--.

This is version 0.200 of the SPHINX C-- Compiler. This ZIP file should be
named C--C0200.ZIP.

A vast and very useful collection of example programs is available in the
other ZIP file (C--EX???.ZIP).

At time of release of this ZIP file, the most current version of the C--
example package is 1.00, and should be found in a ZIP file called

System Requirements:
- 8086 or higher CPU computer
- DOS 3.0 or greater
- 512K RAM or greater
- Keyboard (I should hope)
- a hard drive will really speed things up, though C-- can even run off a
floppy if you are not in a hurry
- a mouse may assist navigation through the C-- Work Bench, but the
keyboard can be used instead
- some of the example files require VGA display, if you do not have VGA
you are missing out on life

Programmer Requirements (uh-oh):
- Brain (a good one too)
- Reasonable understanding of C or similar high level language
- Some 8086 or higher assembly knowledge, the more the better

The following files should be included in the C--C????.ZIP package:

.\C-- EXE // The SPHINX C-- Compiler
.\C-- OVL // File required by C--.EXE
.\WB COM // C-- Work Bench Driver
.\WB EXE // C-- Work Bench Main Program
.\C--INFO DOC // Info on the C-- Programming Language
.\C--ASM DOC // Info on C-- Inline Assembly Language
.\STAKPROC DOC // Info on C-- stack procedures
.\REGPROCS DOC // Info on C-- REG procedures and macros
.\WBHELP DOC // Info on using the C-- Work Bench
.\ALLPROCS DOC // List of all stack and REG procedures and macros
.\???????? H-- // Some C-- header files
.\README DOC // This file your reading

UnZIP the C--C????.ZIP package.
UnZIP the C--EX????.ZIP package using the '-d' option.

Next, set the 'C--' environmental variable to the full path of the directory
you unzipped into. C-- uses the 'C--' environmental variable to find the
compiler, help files and include files. For example, if you unzipped C--
into the directory 'C:\C--', then you would type:

SET C--=C:\C--

You may wish to add the above line to your 'AUTOEXEC.BAT'.

You may then type WB at the DOS prompt to start the C-- Work Bench. Take a
look at some the *.C-- example files. Press F3 to load and F5 to compile and

Be sure to be in the same directory as the source file(s) for the *.C-- file
may need to load some other files, such as palettes and bitmaps. Use the
'Change Dir...' command in the 'File' menu to change directories.

After you get a taste of what it can do, take a look at the file 'C--INFO.DOC'
for information on how to program in C--. 'C--INFO.DOC' can be viewed in the
C-- Work Bench by pressing or selecting 'Main General Help' from
the 'Help' menu.

This version of C-- is GREENWARE, and you are free to use it so long as you
make an effort everyday to help out the environment. A few ideas:
- use only recycled computer paper
- be sure to recycle the computer paper after you use it
- use public transport
- sell that 80 cylinder car of yours and buy a small 4 cylinder, or
better yet, buy a motorbike
- support Green Peace
- REDUCE-REUSE-recycle
- stop smoking
- ride a bike to work or school
- don't buy products that are harmful to the environment
- stop using weed killers on your lawn
- support Friends of the Earth
- recycle your cans
- don't buy products that have lots of extra packaging
- use a fax modem instead of a paper fax machine
- reuse your plastic bags
- (you get the idea)

I accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of time, hardware, sanity,
software or data caused by this product or programs made with it. So there!

Any programs you make with C-- you may do with as you wish. I would greatly
appreciate any feedback you can give me. I am sure you are going to find
some things which I have overlooked, that you feel must be added or changed.
Send me your suggestions or comments, maybe even some code you have written,
I would like them very much.

I can be contacted at: PETER SPHINX CELLIK
RR#2 SITE 33 C11
V0R 1X0

Current E-mail Address: [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon.

/* end of README.DOC */