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BLOCK version 1.0
Tom Strickland

This short program will change the cursor size from small,
the normal single line, to large block cursor or return the
cursor to its normal single line.

Block does NOT work with an EGA and is untested on a color
monitor. If you find this program of use send your Public
Domain creation to your local BBS so we may all enjoy it.

BLOCK.COM - ready to run program
BLOCK.ASM - The source code
BLOCK.DOC - this file


BLOCK ON - turns the cursor to a large blinking block
BLOCK OFF - changes the cursor to the normal blinking line.


For those of us who are poor typists, there is a little feature
that will allow for a reasonable hit. This means that
on=no off=ffo=fof
there is but one flaw. ooo is the same as ON.

ERROR Messages.

If any error occurs the usage message will appear. Not much in
the error message department.

This program is public domain as of 05/25/87, you may distribute freely.
The Author makes NO Warrenties expressed or implied and is not
responible for damages that may occur. Any code derived from this code