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Bubble Chamber III disassembler could use more doc but still easy to use.
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Bubble Chamber III disassembler could use more doc but still easy to use.
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Contents of the README file

The Bubble Chamber Installation
(c) Copyright 1988, 1989
Rh Factor Software

The following files are on the master diskette:

BUBBLE.EXE - Main program file. DOS requires that it be either
in the default directory or in the path.

BUBBLE.DAT - This file contains data critical to the operation of
the program. It will not run without it. If it is
not found in the default directory, the Bubble Chamber
will look for it in the path. Note: All data is
read at startup, this file will not be required
after that.

BUBBLE.HLP - This is the help file. It is not required. The
program will search the path if help is requested.

To install the Bubble Chamber, copy these files using the DOS
Copy command. The program is not copy protected, and requires no
unusual installation.


This is Beta-ware. You are licensed to use this release for evaluation
only. The beta release, while very functional, does not include all the
advantages of registration.

To receive a copy of The Bubble Chamber, Release 1.1 send $29.00 to:

Rh Factor Software (ge1.1)
P.O. Box 6466
Kent, WA 98064-6466

Washington Residents please add 8.1% sales tax. Comments are always welcome.

Registration includes The Bubble Chamber Manual. The manual contains details
on modifying the Bubble Chamber data file, adding macros, command line
options, and other customizing information.

Thank You for trying out the Bubble Chamber!!!

Health and Happiness,
Rh Factor Software

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