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Drive Bios in ASM source. Good to play with.
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Drive Bios in ASM source. Good to play with.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AT110.ASM 69457 11142 deflated
AT110.DOC 1188 560 deflated
ATS.BAT 111 70 deflated
ATSETUP.ASM 35646 6330 deflated
ATTRACE.ASM 9557 2358 deflated
DRIVETBL.ASM 17809 908 deflated
SCRMGR.ASM 39856 6411 deflated
SCRNWORK.ASM 2039 619 deflated
SCRNWORK.MAC 3379 648 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

Download File AT110.ZIP Here

Contents of the AT110.DOC file

if you are interested in using you own hard disk bios to configure your own
drives, etc. then this bios should meet your requirements. it comes complete
with a setup program, bios and trace program for debugging.

the following procedure should be followed to install this bios:
1. assemble, link and run exe2bin against at110.asm
2. burn the com file using odd/even bytes into 2 27128 or 27256
3. insert the eproms into the two empty eprom slots in your ibm/at
or compatable.
4. run the ibm's setup program to de-install any hard disks.
5. run atsetup to install your hard disk.

the bios is now installed.

******* warning *******
improper installation of this bios can result in serious damage to your data.

at110.asm - hard disk bios for the ibm/at or compatable
atsetup.asm - setup program to be used with this bios
attrace.asm - trace program (debugging tool)
drivetbl.asm - drive type defenition table
ats.bat - batch file to link the atsetup program
scrmgr.asm - general use screen and keyboard manager
scrnwork.asm - equates and structures for the scrmgr
scrmgr.mac - macros

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