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if you are interested in using you own hard disk bios to configure your own
drives, etc. then this bios should meet your requirements. it comes complete
with a setup program, bios and trace program for debugging.

the following procedure should be followed to install this bios:
1. assemble, link and run exe2bin against at110.asm
2. burn the com file using odd/even bytes into 2 27128 or 27256
3. insert the eproms into the two empty eprom slots in your ibm/at
or compatable.
4. run the ibm's setup program to de-install any hard disks.
5. run atsetup to install your hard disk.

the bios is now installed.

******* warning *******
improper installation of this bios can result in serious damage to your data.

at110.asm - hard disk bios for the ibm/at or compatable
atsetup.asm - setup program to be used with this bios
attrace.asm - trace program (debugging tool)
drivetbl.asm - drive type defenition table
ats.bat - batch file to link the atsetup program
scrmgr.asm - general use screen and keyboard manager
scrnwork.asm - equates and structures for the scrmgr
scrmgr.mac - macros