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Source code from the book "Writing MS-DOS Device Drivers" in ASM and C.
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Source code from the book “Writing MS-DOS Device Drivers” in ASM and C.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CLK.ASM 25472 7339 deflated
CONSOLE.ASM 14592 3510 deflated
DOC2 10112 3223 deflated
DUMP.ASM 5760 1679 deflated
HEX2ASC.ASM 896 421 deflated
INT29H.ASM 640 320 deflated
IOCTL.ASM 5120 1712 deflated
IOCTL.COM 743 533 deflated
NEWSTACK.ASM 896 328 deflated
PRINTER.ASM 17536 4354 deflated
PROTO.ASM 19328 5602 deflated
PRTMSG.ASM 640 306 deflated
RAMDISK.ASM 18048 5087 deflated
README 651 347 deflated
SETATT.ASM 1408 632 deflated
SETCMD.ASM 1024 489 deflated
SHOWSEG.ASM 512 239 deflated
SIMPLE.ASM 5888 1473 deflated
STRAT.ASM 1280 471 deflated
STRUC24.ASM 9856 1582 deflated
TONE.ASM 768 363 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the README file

From the Book:
| Writing MS-DOS Device Drivers |
|by Robert S. Lai|
| publisher: Addison - Wesley|

this arc contains example device drivers from the book above
these are great examples.
if you have this book this disk will be of great help.
if you don't have the book the examples are simple and
easy to follow.

batch file example to compile drivers
type this in at the command line C:>

copy con drv.bat
masm %1
link %1
exe2bin %1.exe
del %1.exe
ren %1.sys
Then press F6 and return

then to compile type

C:\>drv filename

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