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A 68HC11 cross assembler for the IBM PC with C source code.
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A 68HC11 cross assembler for the IBM PC with C source code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AS.C 3890 1534 deflated
AS.H 4631 1577 deflated
AS11.C 194 84 deflated
AS11.EXE 23040 11017 deflated
AS11.O 20222 8979 deflated
AS11FST.EXE 18623 9549 deflated
AS9.EXE 25728 12161 deflated
ASH1.EXE 22400 10765 deflated
ASM.DOC 8448 3851 deflated
BASIC.OBJ 22656 8165 deflated
DO11.C 5646 1657 deflated
EVAL.C 3958 1276 deflated
MFWD.C 1159 469 deflated
PSEUDO.C 3846 1113 deflated
README.DOC 978 519 deflated
SYMTAB.C 2634 950 deflated
TABLE11.H 4974 1059 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
UTIL.C 4668 1595 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

These files constitute a 68HC11 cross assembler for the IBM PC. In addition
a BASIC interpreter is contained in the file BASIC.OBJ. This file, in the
S1 format, functions as a BASIC interpreter when executed out of ROM.

The assembler, AS11, recognizes standard Motorola assembler format for the
68HC11 and produces 'S1' object files. The source code is included and can
be modified and compiled by Mark Williams C, Turbo C or Microsoft C.

AS11FST was complied using Mark Williams C and is faster than the original
Motorola complied object code (generated by Lattice C). AS11 is the original
Motorola object file.

The assembler can also be used to generate code for the 6800, 6801 and 6802
if the special HC11 codes are not used.

This is a simple assembler and does not support linkable modules, but
otherwise is very complete and bug-free. It works very well for small

These files were placed into the public domain by Motorola.

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