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Written by: Christopher Blum CompuServe 76625,1041
1022 East Wayne Avenue
Wooster, Ohio 44691

This set of object modules replaces the absread and abswrite functions
of Turbo C 2.0 with updated functions supporting all versions of DOS
including Compaq 3.31 and DOS 4.x using partitions greater than 32MB.

Batch file ABSINST.BAT will update the libraries for all memory models.

Source is included in file ABSREAD.C ( contains inline assembler )
which may be compiled with batch file ABSMAKE.BAT

Include file DOS.H must be changed to make the prototypes agree with
the new functions as follows:

int _Cdecl absread (int drive, int nsects, long lsect, void *buffer);

int _Cdecl abswrite(int drive, int nsects, long lsect, void *buffer);

Note that the sector number parameter is now a long - this may affect
current programs that you recompile. Although Turbo C extends int
arguments to long for you because of the prototype, some values ( i.e.
over 32767 ) are not extended properly if the variable in the call is
a signed int. Using an unsigned int should remedy that. Obviously, to
properly access large ( > 32 MB ) partitions, you must use a long in
the call. These considerations only apply to programs which execute
under Compaq DOS 3.31 and DOS 4.x control. Programs executing under
DOS 3.30 and previous versions are unaffected.

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Archive   : ABRD40.ZIP
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