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Transfer Apple II disks to the PC.
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Transfer Apple II disks to the PC.
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Contents of the A2PCTRAN.DOC file

--------- Transferring an apple floppy disk to a PC for apl2em -----------

This file describes a method of transferring an apple floppy disk to your
PC via a serial null modem cable connected to an apple serial card. I'm
not sure of the restrictions, but I don't think floppies with track/sector
magic (copy protection, etc.) will work. However, anything that can be
read with normal dos will work.

The mechanics are something like this; you set up your apple to send
standard out to the serial card (e.g. PR#1) and get stdin from the card
(IN#1). I use a mskermit script that sends a little machine program to
the apple that makes it do a hex dump of drive a: (see readdisk.msk)

Before you do a "take readdisk.msk", make sure there isn't any random
junk on the apple's command line (like ^Q or ^S from kermit) by hitting
return a couple of times.

readdisk will put a hex dump on session.log on your ibm. Note: This is a
HEX dump. This is a HUGE file and will take a while to transfer (even at
19.2k baud). Make sure you have about a half a meg of free space around.

Now you need to strip off the garbage at the beginning of session.log
(The stuff you don't want is pretty obvious) so that the included hex.c
program can be used to translate the hex into binary. Use any large scale
word processor that can handle large text files without corrupting them.

Output goes into disk.bin, which then can be renamed according to the
docs so that apl2em can read/boot off it, i.e. (from apple.doc):

"Disk Drive - Only Apple ][ floppy type drives are supported
now, I need more information on how a Apple
hard disk works. The floppies are emulated by
have PC disk files named DISKxy.DSK, where:

x - Is the slot number of the disk controller

y - Is the drive number, a or b

For example, if you had a disk controller in
slot 6, the default the file DISK6A.DSK would
be the Apple ][ disk image."

A short little batch file is ideal for this.

Image files are available via anonymous ftp at: (

If you make any good images, drop 'em in incoming!

If you have any problems, write me, and I'll try to help.
I don't have the apple I was using for the transfers anymore, so
I might not be able to help you if you have particularly annoying

Good luck (you'll need it 🙂

Nye Liu
[email protected]

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