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8048/8049 Disassembler in 'C'
By: Kirk Lanctot 09/26/87

This program is designed for basic disassembly of 8048/8049
instructions. It prints the results in a format similiar to the printed
listing an assembler produces. It also includes a simple hex dump for use in
looking at tables of data in the code.

To use the program, type 8048DIS . The program will give a
directory of files ending in '.B48'. (This is a convienence, and does not limit

Next, it will ask for your input file. Type in the filename with
extension that you wish to disassemble. It must be the final code suitable for
the processor rom itself.

Next, it will display a directory of *.DIS files. (This is also a
convienence, and does not restrict you.

Next, it will ask for your output file. You may type in a file name,
or you may type in CON for console output, or you may type in PRN for printer
output. It will overwrite any file without asking first, so be sure of your

Next, it will ask for the Starting offset. This is the number of bytes
to skip at the beginning of the file. The answer must be entered in HEX.

Next, it will ask for the Ending offset. This is the number of bytes
from the start of the file before ending the disassembly. This answer must
also be in HEX.

The Disassembler will now start the disassembly. When it finishes this
stage of the program, it will ask for the start and end address of the Hex
Dump. Answer in hex as stated above for the disassembly stage.

When this is finished, it will ask if you want to exit or restart. If
you restart, it is the same as starting the program again. Exit, of course,
will end the program.

Source Code in C is included. This will compile correctly on Borland's
Turbo C Compiler. I suspect changes will be required for other compilers,
primarily in the file open and close areas. Please post any improvements or
fixes on the Phoenix PC users group bulletin board for others to use.

This program is considered ShareWare. I only ask that it not be sold
except for copying costs of diskettes. Thanks in advance for trying it out.

Kirk Lanctot
4511 E. Wood St.
Phoenix,AZ 85040