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Waitfor Revision History:

04/10/90: v0.10:
Initial version.

04/11/90: v0.11:
Fixed logic error in parse routine. Changed method of
detecting existence of a file.

04/12/90: v0.12:
Added escape key checking. Now shows the conditions it's
waiting for.

04/20/90: v0.13:
Added -c option. Minor internal changes including improved
error checking.

04/23/90: v0.14:
Changed -t timeout value to unsigned int.

05/16/90: v0.20:
Several errorlevels changed. Added support for Desqview
named mailboxes with the -me, -mn, -mc, -mk, -mm, and -md
options. Added simple existence test with -xf and -xm.
Improved error checking.

05/20/90: v0.21:
Added errorlevel display to usage screen. Improved command
line error checking.

05/22/90: v0.30:
Added -! option to wait for multiple conditions. Added
support for multiple files for the -e and -n options, each
option may be specified up to 10 times.

05/23/90: v0.31:
Added support for multiple mailboxes for the -me and -mn
options. Fixed errorlevels when multiple files/mailboxes
are specified and the -! option is used.

05/24/90: v0.32:
Fixed problem encountered when the -n and -c or -mn -mc
options were used together. It would only protect the first
process from a second process, not the second from a third
and so on.

05/27/90: v0.33:
Changed -t timeout errorlevel. Added -f option to not exit
until a specified amount of free memory exists. Improved
command line error checking. Fixed problem when -t and -!
options were the only ones specified. Fixed errorlevels
when the -! option is used.

06/01/90: v0.34:
Added -xa option to test available memory. Reduced usage
messages when syntax errors were detected. Changed method
of creating files with the -c option, this should offer
better protection from two tasks trying to simultaneously
create the same file.

06/06/90: v0.35:
Added -a option to wait until a specific time. Fixed -c
create routine, v0.34 was creating r/o files.

06/08/90: v0.36:
Changed fatal errorlevel to 55. Added errorlevel (52) for
sharing error detected when the -e and -k options are used

06/15/90: v0.40:
Added -we and -wn options to wait for wildcard file
specifications. Changed usage message to be easier to read.

06/22/90: v0.41:
Added 'c' continue key to abort program at a non-fatal
errorlevel. Added retry to -e -k combination when sharing
error occurs.

08/03/90: v0.42
Fixed error in retry code from v0.41. It was trying to open
the file even if it wasn't necessary

08/06/90: v0.50
Added -& switch to wait for all exit conditions to be met at
the same time. Currently this is only implemented for the -
e (exist) option.

08/14/90: v0.51
Implemented the -& switch for -n, -me, -mn, -we, -wn

08/15/90: v0.52
Fixed bug introduced with the -& option, certain
combinations of options wouldn't work properly.

08/16/90: v0.53
Changed output to be more readable. Added -v (verbose
output) option, this should be the first option specified.
The verbose output will make the programs output look like
previous versions. Added -x option to enable critical
section calls at the start of the condition checking loop.
This is an experimental option!.

08/20/90: v0.54
Removed -v option. Now verbose will be the default unless
the -& option is specified. Fixed option parser to scan for
the -& option first. The display would look strange
depending on where the -& option was placed in the command

09/05/90: v0.55
Added -r retry option.

09/14/90: v0.56
Added -q option to suppress copyright display.

09/23/90: v0.57
Minor internal changes to version id.

09/26/90: v0.58
More internal version id handling changes.

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Archive   : WTFOR058.ZIP
Filename : WAITFOR.HIS

  1. Very nice! Thank you for this wonderful archive. I wonder why I found it only now. Long live the BBS file archives!

  2. This is so awesome! 😀 I’d be cool if you could download an entire archive of this at once, though.

  3. But one thing that puzzles me is the “mtswslnkmcjklsdlsbdmMICROSOFT” string. There is an article about it here. It is definitely worth a read: