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DESQview 2.01 Technical Note

Running WordPerfect 5.0

WordPerfect 5.0 runs quite well in DESQview and for the most part
can be run using the same setup that DESQview 2.01 provides for
WordPerfect with a few revisions.

1. Increase the "Memory Size in K" - This needs to be about
384K. If you are trying to get it to fit in a secondary
DESQview partition that is 384K in size, you might be able
to shave this figure by 15K or so, but 384K is pretty much
the requirement. If you have more memory available,
WordPerfect will probably run faster if given more.
Generally, you would assign this on the Advanced Change a
Program menu using the field "Maximum Program Memory Size in
K". If you have plenty of memory, setting this to 512K
would be appropriate.

2. Set "Displays Graphics Information" to Yes. Naturally,
you need only do this if you have a graphics capable display
adapter and intend to use the "View" feature of WordPerfect

3. Remove "NOFF.SHR" from "Shared Programs". The setup for
WordPerfect 4.2 specified a Shared Program in the Advanced
Change a Program called NOFF.SHR. This program corrected a
problem of inefficiency in the way WordPerfect 4.2
implemented DESQview compatibility with respect to writing t
the screen. WordPerfect 5.0 seems to write to the screen
quite efficiently without the use of the NOFF.SHR program.

4. Enhanced Keyboards. If you have an enhanced keyboard,
WordPerfect 5.0 defines the F11 and F12 keys. Due to the
way WordPerfect detects the enhanced keyboard, these keys
lose their function when in DESQview. There is a simple
work-around however. Create a DESQview macro in the
WordPerfect window that defines the F11 key as an Alt-F3 and
the F12 key as an Alt-F4. With this macro in place, these
keys will work just as they do outside of DESQview.

5. Underline on VGA Displays. If you have a VGA display,
WordPerfect will show underline on the screen in text mode
by modifying the VGA character set. If this feature is used
in DESQview, other windows will also show the effect of the
character set change since the actual hardware is being
changed and hardware is "global". To avoid having this
underlining effecting other windows, you should setup
WordPerfect to display underlining as a color as WordPerfect
4.2 did.

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Archive   : WP50DV.ZIP
Filename : WP50.TEC

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